Shadows of Sing Sing

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Drama/Romance, USA, 1933, 63 min.

Synopsis After college students Bob Martel and Muriel Ross fall in love, Muriel reveals to Bob that her real surname is Rossi, and that she is the sister of notorious gangster Al Rossi. The revelation does not deter Bob but does shock his father Joe, a top police detective in charge of the photographic identification department. Rossi is also infuriated by the romance, but the youngsters decide to marry despite their families' objections. Their attempt to elope is prevented by Rossi, however, when he learns of their plans from Muriel's maid, Angela Crane. Rossi's lieutenant, Slick Hale, suggests that they get Bob out of the way by stealing his gun and planting it at the scene of a violent crime. Unknown to Rossi, who agrees to the plan, Slick is eager to seize leadership of the gang and keep Muriel for himself. Slick carefully plans Rossi's murder, which he times to occur just moments before the arrival of Bob, who is going to ask Rossi for permission to wed Muriel. Rossi is killed by Angela, who resents him for ordering the death of her husband, and Bob is arrested when he and his gun are found on the scene. Slick had dressed Angela as a man, and the incarcerated Bob described the mysterious figure he saw leaving Rossi's office to his father. Determined to clear his son, Joe combs through the "rogue's gallery" and puts together a composite photograph based on Bob's description. At the trial, all looks bleak for Bob until Joe introduces the composite photograph as evidence, and Bob recognizes Angela from it. She confesses her guilt and implicates Slick, who escapes the police but is killed by Rossi's henchmen for his disloyalty. After Bob is freed, he receives Joe's blessing to marry Muriel.

Directed by Phil Rosen  

Starring Mary Brian, Bruce Cabot, Grant Mitchell, Harry Woods, Claire Du Brey, more...

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