Seven Days

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Action/Drama/Sci-Fi, USA, 1998, 45 min.

AKAs "7 Days" / 7 Days

Synopsis Frank Parker works with a special team of scientists and government officials on project Backstep. Using the Backstep device, Lt. Parker can travel back in time exactly 7 days. Once in the past, he reports in to base using code word "Conundrum" and carries out his mission to alter history for the better.

Directed by John McPherson, David Livingston, Charles Correll, Charlie Picerni, Kenneth Johnson, Scott Laughlin, Don Kurt, Michael Vejar, Aaron Lipstadt, Vern Gillum, Jeannot Szwarc, William A. Graham, Les Butler  

Starring Jonathan LaPaglia, Don Franklin, Justina Vail, Nick Searcy, Alan Scarfe, more...

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