Secret of the Chateau

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Crime/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 1934, 66 min.

Tagline Shadows Come to Life! Traps Snare Women! Trunks Swallow Men! Bells Toll Out Death!

Synopsis Marotte, an agent of the French Sűreté, watches the audience at an auction of rare books owned by a murdered duke, because he is convinced that the murderer will attend. His eye is caught by Julie Verlaine, a young woman recently released from jail, and Paul, the young man sitting next to her. Fos, the owner of the book shop holding the auction, informs Marotte that Paul claimed to own a copy of the Gutenberg Bible. Shortly afterward, when he learns that a book was stolen from the auction, Marotte's suspicions fall on Julie, who actually is the thief. Julie would like to end her relationship with her lover, Lucien Volaire, but he threatens to turn her in to the police if she does not continue to steal books for him. He has already planned their next job: stealing the Gutenberg Bible inherited by a count's nephew. Realizing that this must be Paul, Julie travels to his chateau. Also in residence are Mme. Rombiere, Paul's aunt; Didi, a former girl friend who believes that Paul owes her some money; Paul's friend Armand; Martin, the butler and his wife, the cook; and M. Bardou, the executor of the will. Bardou plans on donating the Bible to a museum, although Paul and his aunt both want to sell it. Bardou proudly displays the locked chest complete with burglar alarm that holds the Bible. The chest has a special key, and only Bardou has a copy. Julie demonstrates her knowledge of rare books when she correctly distinguishes between the real Bible and the copy that Bardou keeps to deceive thieves. Later that evening, Professor Racque, a bookseller, joins the guests at the chateau. When the tower bell rings in the middle of the night, Rombiere explains that it always foretells a death and leaves the chateau for a hotel. When Julie returns to her room, Lucien is there waiting for her. He was the man who rang the bell and he intends to spend the night to make sure Julie steals the Bible. A short time later, the alarm goes off, a shot rings out and a woman screams. Everyone gathers and discovers that the Bible is gone and Bardou is dead. Marotte arrives to investigate. After Julie admits that she intended to steal the Bible, Marotte arrests her, saying she can only clear her name by helping him catch the real thief, the same person who killed the duke. Lucien is found with the imitation Bible. Rombiere admits that she stole the real Bible with a duplicate key. The bell tolls again and when the confusion clears, Rombiere is dead. Everyone gathers in the library, where Marotte continues his investigation. Armand notices something odd about a large globe, but before he can show the rest, the bell rings again. When the group returns, Paul is missing. Armand sees that the globe has returned to normal and Julie realizes that it is the hiding place of the real Bible. Racque is discovered to be Fos wearing a disguise. Suspecting Martin and his wife of involvement in the theft, Paul hid and spied on them while the lights were out. Paul reveals that with their help, Fos has been stealing rare books all along to supply his bookstore. Now that Marotte has found his criminal, Julie's name is cleared, and she and Paul plan to marry.

Directed by Richard Thorpe  

Starring Claire Dodd, Clark Williams, William Faversham, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Osgood Perkins, more...

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