Searching for Bobby De Niro

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Adventure/Comedy, USA, 2005, 105 min.

AKAs Movers and Fakers / Movers and Fakers / Searching for Bobby De Niro / Searching for Bobby De Niro

Synopsis Searching for Bobby D is a comedy about four New Yorkers, the film's star Johnny Argano, Tommy, Mike, and the only non-Italian in the group Jerome who are all stuck getting the worst parts as New York actors. They are all sick of it and want to move up in the world. But things begin to look up when Johnny's cousin Leo says a rich guy in Pennsylvania loves movies and would be willing to put up some money for the film for which Johnny has written a script. Desperate, the boys decide to take a road trip down to Pennsylvania, but soon enough the boys come to realize Leo is still a complete goof and that he's told their potential investor that Robert Deniro has signed on to appear in the film.

Directed by Paul Borghese  

Starring William DeMeo, Robert Daleo, Les Gardonyi, Paul Cicero, Jack Bank, more...

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