Saturday's Children

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Drama/Romance, USA, 1940, 102 min., black and white

Synopsis On her first day at work, Bobby Halevy meets eccentric inventor Rims Rosson, and the two begin dating. After several months of courtship, Bobby has fallen in love with Rims when he announces that he has been offered a good job turning hemp into silk in the Philippines and is leaving in two days. On the night of Rims's going-away party, Bobby's older sister, Florrie Sands, counsels her sister on how to trap Rims into marriage before he leaves. Florrie coaches Bobby to make Rims jealous by convincing him that she is going to marry someone else, and the trick works as Rims cancels his trip to marry Bobby. The marriage runs smoothly for several months until Bobby loses her job because of the war. The couple's mounting financial difficulties result in marital difficulties. Consequently, when Rims receives a letter from the Philippines, notifying him that the job is still open, Bobby, who has just learned she is pregnant, tears up the letter and conceals it and her pregnancy from Rims. The couple's finances take a turn for the worse when Rims receives a wage cut, forcing the newlyweds to consider moving into the senior Halevys already overcrowded apartment. This last financial blow is too great for Rims, who becomes embittered about losing his one chance at success in the Philippines. Feeling guilty, Bobby tells Rims about the letter offering him the position in Manila, and he lashes out at her with harsh recriminations. Fearful of telling Rims about her pregnancy, Bobby admits that she tricked him into marriage, and furious, he leaves for the Philippines. On the day that he is to sail for Manila, Rims confesses to his father-in-law that he really loves Bobby and would take her with him if he could afford it. Believing that he has failed his daughter, Pops stages a deliberate accident to collect the insurance money and keep the couple together. Although he is unhurt, Pop's sacrifice gives Rims new courage to face the future, and he decides to stay with Bobby. Realizing that Rims really does love her, Bobby finally tells him that she is expecting a baby.

Directed by Vincent Sherman  

Starring John Garfield, Anne Shirley, Claude Rains, Roscoe Karns, Lee Patrick, more...

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