Salvation Jane

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Crime, USA, 1927

Synopsis Capt. Carrie Brown of the Salvation Army is troubled by Jane, a tenement girl who uses the Army as a cloak for her mischievous deeds. Through Jane's vigilance, Jerry O'Day, a crook, is prevented from robbing a woman; Jerry discovers where she lives and offers to pay her handsomely if she will help him in his "work," but she refuses. Later, she unwillingly agrees to Jerry's proposition to pay her grandfather's medical bills when the doctor threatens to send him to a charity hospital. She makes a haul by stealing from an innocent westerner; but when he tries to kill himself over the loss, Jane restores the money. After she quarrels with Jerry, he promises to go straight; Gramp reveals a money hoard, and Jane is wounded in a scuffle over the money. Jerry is subsequently convinced of her innocence, and they are reconciled.

Directed by Phil Rosen  

Starring Viola Dana, J. Parks Jones, Fay Holderness, Erville Alderson

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