Running Mates

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Drama/Comedy, USA, 2000, 90 min.

AKAs Washington Slept Here

Tagline See Tom run!

Synopsis Governor James Reynolds Pryce, a popular Democratic presidential nominee, encounters numerous personal and political challenges in choosing his running mate. The Democratic National Convention has begun and Michigan Governor James Reynolds Pryce is assured of his party's nomination. He is enjoying enormous popularity, while at the same time feeling tremendous pressure from his party's power elite. The message from the money men is clear: Support their agendas and back off the issue of campaign finance reform -- or lose their financial support in the general election. While waiting out the days leading up to the nomination vote -- and his all-important acceptance speech -- Pryce wrestles with the decision of who will be his running mate. It has come down to two finalists: Mitchell Morris, the Texas senator who is one of Washington's leading insiders and friend to any special interest group that comes knocking with money in hand -- or Terrence Randall, the junior senator from Colorado who is a leading advocate of campaign finance reform and shares many of Pryce's own idealistic dreams about how America should be run. Can Pryce win without Morris' money? Can he live with himself if he takes it? Pryce's campaign is bolstered by the powerful women in his life: Lauren Hartman, his brilliant and principled campaign manager and a fierce supporter of his idealistic platform; Pryce's wife, Jenny, who, through political savvy, is at odds with her husband over their family's privacy; Shawna Morgan, a glamorous Hollywood fundraiser who is Pryce's Hollywood connection and future White House social secretary -- if she has her way; and Meg Gable, the wife of William Parker Gable, Pryce's mentor and entree into Washington society when he first began his political career. Meg wants her husband to be on the Pryce ticket more than she wants anything else, and she's not giving up without a fight.

Directed by Ron Lagomarsino  

Starring Tom Selleck, Laura Linney, Nancy Travis, Teri Hatcher, Faye Dunaway, more...

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