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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2010, 42 min.

Synopsis Evan is showing Hank another of his marketing ideas: monogrammed carry bags as Hank is preparing for a one-day trip to New York City to help Boris with a genetics trial. Hank is taking Boris' private jet and Evan ultimately convinces Hank to let him tag along.Once they are on the plane Hank realizes the flight is longer than a trip to the city. They land in a tropical island and Boris is there to greet them: "Welcome to Cuba."Boris tells Hank he felt the need to trick him in order to get him down there. He has arraged for a doctor to cover Hank's work for the weekend. Boris tells him Dr. Caseras (Marissa) has diagnosed him with a hereditary mutation that will eventual destroy his brain, muscles and bones. Marissa has a clinical trial down in Cuba and Boris wants Hank to help him with the pre-trial testing.Back in the Hamptons, Divya meets Dr. Emily Peck, Hank's replacement for the weekend. Emily shows Divya a note from Boris and makes a crack about her being late.Evan is upset Hank won't have any time to hang out with him while they're in Cuba. Evan goes exploring by himself and finds a man selling scuba trips. When he is lacking cash a Canadian woman named Mindy pays for him as she needs a "dive buddy." She is in Cuba with some girlfriends and they are more interested in working on their tans than scuba.Boris brings Hank to Marissa's facility. She thanks Hank for encouraging Boris to explore genetic testing but doesn't seem to like the fact Hank is down there with him.Hank tells Marissa she's lucky to have a man like Boris as a benefactor. She thinks he is suspicious and doesn't seem to care for Hank's concern over the safety of her trial.While scuba diving Evan and Mindy seem to connect. They encounter a Man O' War and manage to safely swim back to the boat. Once on deck Mindy accidentally whacks Evan in the head with her air tank and he falls in the water.Hank is called to the beach and uses pieces of a beach bag to use hair braids to close the cut on his scalp. Mindy and her friends leave.Before an appointment with Alan, Emily doesn't have any interest in Divya providing her with information. Alan continues to have migraines and Emily orders an MRI. Divya thinks it is a mistake but Emily does not care.Boris takes Hank and Evan to dinner. Evan is frustrated things didn't take off with Mindy. Boris takes them to a square where Marissa is handing out the medication he had had delivered to the house last episode (for which Eddie had signed).Divya goes to see Jill and asks about Emily. Jill looks up her sparkling resume on the hospital server.That night Hank is very interested to watch Marissa and Boris dancing romantically. He is upset that it appears Boris is in a relationship with his doctor.Hank confronts Boris about Marissa while performing a biopsy. Hank also isn't thrilled Boris is funding her research.While Evan works on purchasing some cigars he runs into Mindy. She seems happy to see him but already has plans for the evening. Evan trades his cell phone for the cigars. We see that a shadowy figure was watching this whole transaction.Alan's test results come back normal, but he is frustrated his headaches won't go away. Emily gives him an injection of Botox to help what she believes to be tension headaches, and offers to inject the Botox for its more popular use: getting rid of wrinkles. Divya is upset that Emily is advocating cosmetic surgery to patients.Hank tells Boris his lab results make him a strong candidate for the clinical trial. He wants to do some research into the trial while Boris wants to charge into the trial immediately. Boris seems to agree they should wait.At a party Evan tells Hank he thinks the Cuban government might be following him. Hank meets a pretty girl. Mindy comes running into the bar to tell Hank her friends Susie is in bad shape.Susie is having complications from several plastic surgeries and Hank takes her to the hospital. Hank pretends to be Susie's cousin and helps the local doctor. They determine she has the bends (caisson disease) due to a combination of anesthesia and scuba diving.Mindy thanks Evan for helping her friend. She says she's going to have some free time coming up. Evan is disappointed he's supposed to leave in the morning. The two kiss and appear they will spend his last night in Cuba together.The next morning Hank arrives as Mindy is leaving. Evan borrows Hank's phone to go buy more cigars, the goal being to give them to their top clients. Hank looks through one of the windows and is disturbed to see Boris starting the clinical trial.Boris tells Hank he "made a decision." He thought Marissa's plan made sense and so he chose not to wait. He asks Hank to wait through the trial. Hank says no and chases Marissa into the parking lot. Hank tells her it's clear that she still loves him. She seems to agree and is happy to be treating him again, even though the situation isn't ideal.Emily gives Divya her card for the next time they need help. Divya rips it up and tells her she isn't professional.Before boarding the jet, Hank tells Boris he hopes everything works out for him. Hank will continue to look for a cure. Evan is not on board the plane.Evan is off looking for his cigar dealer. In an alley a man grabs Evan and throws him into a car which peels off as the episode ends.

Directed by Matthew Penn  

Starring Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Flint, Reshma Shetty, Campbell Scott, more...

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