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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2010, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with Emily showing Hank an article where Heritiage Hospital blasts Jill and Hank's community clinic. She tells him no one wants to see their doctor in the paper and he points out she took out a full page ad. They start to fool around which leads to her admitting having a fear of intimacy.Early the next morning Hank, Evan, Divya and Jill visit Jim a patient who suffers from Hepatitis. On the way the discuss fighting back against the negative press. Hand brings Jim more meds and treats a wound on his ankle.Hank drives Jill home and on the way spots Dr. Blair. Jill tries to hide, but Blair walks over to the car and discuses the article. Blair thinks the smart thing to do is wait a few years for the hospital to sset up the clinic, Jill is worried there are no guarantees they will ever open it. Blair thinks she and Jill can do good work together.Hank goes to see Jamie, a divorcee who thinks his 7-year old son Jake gets sick every time he returns from visiting his mother. Hank examines Jake and doesn't find anything wrong. Jamie is worried about allergies and Hank orders a scratch test.Paige meets with Evan to brief him on an upcoming lunch with her parents. She thinks keeping the current lie going will be easier than telling her parents (particularly her father) the truth. Paige's father is William Collins, a retired general who is the CEO of a Fortune 500 defense contractor and possible presidential candidate. Her father is a man's man and Paige coaches him in matters bourbon and hunting.The lunch with William and Paige's mother, Ellen, seems to go well. Evan ends up saying a few nice things about Paige that weren't scripted. Afterwards they get to talking about hunting and before Paige can stop them there is a hunting trip scheduled for Wednesday. Complete novice Evan is petrified.Evan tells Hank and Divya the plan is for him to pair-up with Paige and have her do all the shooting. He also hints that he is starting to really like Paige.Hank arrives to see Jake's mother and is stunned to see she is none other than Dr. Blair. Blair tells Hank she's never seen Jake sick and thinks he's grown out of the allergies Jamie worries about. We see Jake playing with the girls he likes, Olivia. Once again he tells Hank he feels fine.Hank is woken up in the middle of the night by a call from Emily. She wants him to come over because she is "lonely."At the beginning of the hunting day William insists that he hunts with Evan and they have a men vs. women contest. William gives Evan instructions he doesn't understand.Both Blair and Jamie are distractions as Hank tries to conduct the scratch test. Divya takes the bickering parents away and Hank sees that Olivia has written "POO" on Jake's chest. Jake says he doesn't understand girls. Blair and Jamie return during the test and again cannot contain their arguing around their son.William criticizes for resting his gun on a tree when he goes to the bathroom.Emily runs into Jill in town. Emily has positive things to say about the clinic and offers her services.Evan screws up again, this time making noise right as William is about to shoot. William demands he stay behind him, but after Evan turns around William is nowhere to be found. We see the women are about to end their day and find Evan and William. Just then we hear a shot and what sounds like Evan yelling.Hank is called to see Jamie and Blair. Once again they are fighting over Jake's health, with Jamie refusing to let him go to his mother's house because he always returns sick. Upstairs Jake is feeling sick. He throws up on Hank's shoes and says he feels better. He's thrown up several times that week but not told his parents because he thought it would make them fight. Divya pops in to tell Hank that Evan has a "912" emergency. Hank sends Divya.We see that William has accidentally shot Evan in the behind (a "flesh wound") after losing track of him. William is upset because gunshot wounds have to be reported and this won't play well with the press. William says he doesn't care for Evan and starts to offer to pay him to leave his daughter alone with the women come running.Hank tells Jake's parents he's been whitholding from them. They both admit Jake's had trouble with the divorce. He's begun to fear the dark and won't sleep with his door closed. Blair can't believe she missed her own son's illness.Divya pulls the pellets out of Evan's behind. Hank walks in and basically everyone laughs at Evan. Evan tells them he shot himself when he propped his gun against a tree, it fell over and went off.Emily and Hank meet at night near the beach. They begin to kiss, but Hank's phone rings. It is test results about Jake which have him confused. He is called again, this time it's Jake saying his parents are both unconscious in his room and he doen't know what to. Hank keeps has Emily call 911 and rushes to Jake's home.With help from Emily, Hank is able to give Jake's parents oxygen and get them conscious. They are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning which has come from a faulty hot water heater attached to a new hot tub. The heater has been piping carbon monoxide into Jake's room and his fear of the dark probably saved his life.On their way out of town William attempt to give Evan a check "for your medical expenses." Evan turns him down.Jake is excited to tell Hank that "POO" meant Property of Olivia. Blair thanks Hank for his good work and gives him a bag of homegrown tomatoes. Blair tells Hank she hasn't changed her mind about the HankMed clinic and now wants to take the clinic back immediately.Evan begins to tell Hank about how he got shot but changes his mind at the last minute. Evan then tells Hank that Emily has stolen Jake as a patient.Hank confronts Emily about Jake. She doesn't really apologize, saying she's competitive and Jamie was worried Hank was too chummy with Blair. During the conversation she unbuttons her shirt and the start fooling around on the couch.Paige brings Evan payment for lunch and hunting with his parents. He tells her he no longer wants to take her money which leads to her asking him out on a real date.On the way to see Jim Jill tells Hank she wants them to move forward and that Emily volunteered. Jim's liver test numbers are spectacular and his ankle has completely healed.

Directed by Wendey Stanzler  

Starring Mark Feuerstein, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Flint, Reshma Shetty, Anastasia Griffith, more...

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