Roswell: The Aliens Attack

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Sci-Fi, Canada, 1999, 90 min.

Synopsis After aliens crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, two gray alien bodies are found dead, but two others survive and take on human forms. The aliens, John and Eve, are on a mission to eradicate the Earth of all human life. They set out to gain entrance to the Roswell Air Base, where their mission is to upgrade the nuclear bomb housed there, giving it the capability to annihilate the planet. As the time to set off the bomb grows closer, John has second thoughts as he finds himself in love with a human, the young widow who nursed him back to health after the crash. Eve, however, is determined to complete their mission.

Directed by Brad Turner  

Starring Steven Flynn, Kate Greenhouse, Heather Hanson, Brent Stait, Sean McCann, more...

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