Room at the Top

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Drama, UK, 1959, 115 min., black and white

Tagline A Savage Story of lust and ambition

Synopsis In his relentless pursuit of rising up in class stature, a working-class young man in Northern England seduces a wealthy industrialist's daughter--whom he does not love--in order to marry into her wealth, but what he leaves behind is the woman whom he really loves. Subsequently, he must pay the price for his ruthless ambition.

Directed by Jack Clayton  

Starring Simone Signoret, Laurence Harvey, Heather Sears, Donald Wolfit, Donald Houston, more...

Movie awards
1959, Oscar, nejlepší ženský herecký výkon, Simone Signoret
1959, Oscar, nejlepší adaptovaný scénář, Neil Paterson
1959, Nominace na Oskara, Best picture

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