Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead?

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Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2011, 40 min.

Synopsis "Ringer" - "Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead" - Nov. 8, 2011We pick up where we left off at the ultrasound. Even though the baby is supposed to be no bigger than a bean the doctor can't see anything. Bridget-as-Siobhan says she had some bleeding last week. The doctor says she guesses Siobhan had an ectopic pregnancy and lost it. She expresses sorrow for their loss. Andrew can't believe it.Later at home, BAS apologizes. Andrew says he's just glad she's okay. Juliet hasmade her some tea and asks if it hurt. BAS says no. They give BAS time to rest. She checks her messages and Malcolm has called saying he's at a hotel on 95th and needs to see her.After Andrew goes to sleep she goes to Malcolm and hugs him and asks what happened. He explains about Bodaway's basement. He says he made them believe that she was in Seattle. He said he was careful and wasn't followed. He advises her to leave NYC, just like he is. She says she can't leave since she threw "Bridget" under the bus in the disappearance of Gemma. Malcolm is aghast. She says she had no other choice and apologizes for getting him mixed up in this. She offers to move him to a safer place and hands him a wad of cash. He tells her to just go. She asks if he's sure he's okay. He asks for some slack after what he's been through. He hands her her 6 month chip, figuring she'd want it so she won't forget who she is. She leaves.BAS handles her chip the next day and flashes back to an NA meetingwith Malcolm seven months previously. Bridget is at her first meeting all figdety and clammy. She didn't want to share. Machado was watching over her at the meeting. She is taken from her reverie by Andrew who took the day off so they could spend it together. She says she has a doctor's appointment and she'd rather go alone.In class with Mr. Carpenter is discussing "Of Mice and Men' with class and Juliet is the only one who participates. She gets into it again with the bully. She goes to him after the class and asks him to do something about Tessa. He says he'll take care of it. She says she's had a tough week what with losing her trust fund and her stepmother's miscarriage. He offers his condolences and offers to send her to the guidance counselour. She says she'd rather talk to him and basically asks him out on a date. He demurs.Andrew heads to work. He and Olivia talk about letting Mr. Genet go since he lost transfer documents with his signature on them. She asks if something else is bothering him. He tells her Siobhan lost the baby. She tells him to to go home and be with her. He says she's dealing with it in her own way. She asks how he's dealing with it. He says they were set on not having kids but he was warming up to it. She asks if they can try again. He says it's a good question.In his hotel room, Malcolm shoots up.Juliet gets a call from Henry and breaks the news about the loss of the baby. He is obviously upset.BAS meets Charlie and he tells her a story that he went to JFK long-term parking and saw a few stray hairs in Gemma's car but not much else. As he's talking she flashes back to the first time she opened up to Malcolm at a meeting. She explains she's there because she has to be not because she wants to. They both admit to heroin addiction. He offers to be her sponsor. Siobhan admits her old sponsor is in town. She says she's not going to break up with him, she's just a little stressed since having Malcolm here could add to her stress level. She admits that she and her husband are going through some stuff. He tells her to just be honest with them: if you come clean, you stay clean. She takes off. He calls Siobhan in Paris and tells her that Malcolm is in NYC. Siobhan tells him to make sure he doesn't mess things up. He says he's got to take a different approach with Malcolm since the Gemma thing got of out of hand and wasn't what he signed up for when he took this job. Siobhan him to spare her the details since she's been listening to a guy complain about his job for the last few weeks and to just take care of it.And now we're in Paris as Tyler enters the room as Siobhan hangs up with Charlie. They playfully banter about her not seeing any of Paris since they're always in bed. He says that's her fault. Either way she's not going with him on his business trip to Rome so as not to be a distraction. As he gets in a car to head to the airport he gets a call from his boss... Andrew, who says since they fired Mr. Genet they want to make Tyler the head of European operations. He asks Tyler to come to New York to discuss it. Tyler happily obliges.Henry goes to the Martin house to see BAS. Andrew's out. She tells him her guy didn't find anything in Gemma's car. He lets her know he knows about the baby. He says she must be relieved. She says that's a really ugly thing to say. She says she thought he let her go. He says he thought deep down when she had her baby she'd change her mind but now he knows what they had is over.Malcolm is zoning out to TV when simultaneously Siobhan calls and the cops show up at the door. At the precinct Machado waves the drugs in his face and asks what happened and says he can trust him. Malcolm claim he knows nothing, that Bridget hooked up with her sister but now she's gone. Machado says he's trying to help her and admits that, yes he does need her in his case against Macawi. He says he hopes that when Bridget reaches out he does the right thing. He makes the drug charge go away so he can follow him to Bridget.At the Martin house BAS talks to Juliet about her bully. She says Mr. C is taking care of it. Juliet says it sucks about the baby. BAS says she feels awful. Juliet says it's not her fault. She admits she was anti-baby at first but got excited about a little brother or sister. She ask if she and Andrew will try again. BAS says she doesn't think so, she wants to go back to the way things were. Juliet says maybe they can get a dog.The next morning she tries to talk to Andrew and he blows up at her having overheard her tell Juliet she doesn't want to try again. She says she thought it was too soon. He says the baby changed things and without it he doesn't know where they stand. Her phone rings and he tells her to take it. He says he has a business dinner but won't make her go since she hates them. She says she wants to join him for a business dinner so they can spend time together. He says she has a funny way of showing it. He again tells her to take the call. He leaves, she does. He says he needs to see her. She tells him to meet her at a coffee shop nearby. The next call comes from Machado and he tells her Malcolm is in NYC. She says she's on her way to meet him now. Turns out Machado's in her lobby, he wants her to wear a wire. She tries to demur and he threatens her with the Henry Butler secret.She wears the wire and meets Malcolm. She meets him by saying you must be Malcolm, and introduces herself as Siobhan. He's confused. She asks if he's okay. She says she is given the circumstances. She then spills coffee on herself and walks away. She returns and a waiter stops by and shows him a menu-- in it BAS has placed a note saying that she's wired. He gets it. She says if he hears from Bridget he should tell her, he can trust her. He says it's not about trust, he just doesn't know anything. In the van, Machado says it's not going anywhere. She joins him in the van and complains that he didn't tell her he was an addict and how come he didn't help Malcolm like he helped Bridget. Machado says Bridget was a material witness and that Malcolm isn't his responsibility. BAS says she sees, he only helps those who can help him.She catches up with Malcolm and calls him a liar. He gives her the pot/kettle answer and says it's clear she's beginning to enjoy playing dress up in Siobhan's life. She says this isn't about her, it's about him and his using. He says he's not. He explains about Bodaway hooking him to take it away so the withdrawal would make him spill. He is angry saying he was sober five years and Bodaway took it away in a few weeks. BAS is sad for him. He says he can beat it he did it once and can again. She offers to help. He asks for money. She says she won't give him money to buy drugs. She reminds him of his steps. She says to let her be the one who's straight with him. He wonders how that's possible since she can't be honest with herself.Juliet is mad and confronts Mr.C about transferring her out of his class. She thought he was going to transfer Tessa. She thought he liked her. He says he does but not in that way.Good thing BAS didn't go to Andrew's dinner, it's with Tyler. Andrew asks if he's married, Tyler says no but he is seeing someone. Olivia is at dinner as well. And then.. BAS shows up. Tyler is shocked when Andrew, very happy that she's there, introduces her as his wife. She shakes his hand and introduces herself as Siobhan. When they have a moment he asks why she told him her name was Cora. He says he didn't realize he was sleeping with the boss's wife.Later Malcolm is moseying down the street and steals some money off an outdoor table.Later still in the car Andrew says he's glad she came. She says she wants the marriage to work, baby or no baby, no more games.Tyler calls Siobhan in Paris. He says he understands why she didn't want to come to Rome now since she had to fly to NYC. He calls her an amazing actress to sit through three courses pretending not to know him. She says she's flying back to Paris. He tells her to save it and find a new hotel since his company is no longer underwriting her life.When BAS and Andrew get home, Malcolm is there in the lobby. He tells her he needs some help. She introduces Andrew to Malcolm. Up in the apartment BAS takes Andrew aside and asks if Malcolm can stay for the night saying he was one of the only good things in his sister's life. She flashes back to Malcolm helping her through step 9 with her sister. In the present Andrew says Malcolm helped her on the night she fainted that's all the convincing he needs and takes her hand.BAS puts Malcolm to bed. He apologizes. She tells him no matter where she is, or who he thinks she is, she's always there for him.The next morning Juliet spies on a Young Samaritans meeting that Mr. C is running. She joins the club.BAS sees Malcolm off and says he's going to get through this. She deposits Malcolm at Charlie's doorstep, he says they did the right thing coming there.

Directed by Nathan Hope  

Starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kristoffer Polaha, Ioan Gruffudd, Nestor Carbonell, Mike Colter, more...

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