Why We Fight

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Action/Adventure/Drama/Sci-Fi, USA, 2014, 42 min.

Synopsis Open with Miles and Monroe arguing over their current predicament. The Patriots have found their last safehouse and with Dillon set free Monroe thinks they have to move again. Gene is tired of their bickering and wants to go for help in Willoughby. Miles goes with him.In Willoughby Miles and Gene spot men wearing American flag armbands. Gene recognizes two of them.Tom tries to convince Truman that he should poison Doyle and take the position for himself. After Tom leaves two guards grab him, saying Doyle wants to see him.Miles and Gene wait for one of Gene old friends named Marianne at her bar. She has been told a bunch of lies about them by the Patriots, but Gene seems able to convince her what is really going on. Truman comes in and they learn she's seeing him. Marianne goes upstairs and doesn't tell Truman about Miles and Gene being in the basement.Charlie asks Connor if perhaps he's over his head with Monroe's pursuit of a new empire. The two of them spotSeveral dozen of Duncan's men arrive. They tell Monroe that Duncan is dead, killed by the Patriots. They want blood. Monroe is told the Patriots are cleaning house and that Duncan told them where to find him. They want to join up and fight with Monroe.While they wait in the basement Miles tells Gene he thinks Marianne will eventually sell them out. They discuss what exactly they are fighting for. Miles has a bleak view of the future. Gene points out that it doesn't seem like Miles is actually fighting for anything.Marianne asks Truman a question related to one of the stories Gene told her about what is really going on with the Patriots. She seems convinced that Truman's response is a lie.Monroe prepares to take the camp, utilizing Duncan's troops for the assault. Rachel warns him to wait for Miles but he doesn't hesitate. Charlie tells her mother she is also going.Tom and Jason are chained to chairs in Doyle's office. He comes in and says he knows about the poison. Tom ends up telling Doyle that he and Julia used to laugh about him. This results in Doyle showing Tom that Jason has one of the numbers. He says Jason has told him everything about him and after having both Tom and Julia killed, he'll use Jason as a weapon. He wraps a belt around Tom's neck and begins strangling him. They are interrupted when Monroe's forces come blasting though the camp. Tom turns the tables and kills Doyle.Monroe is killing wounded men like hotcakes and Charlie points this out to Connor.Towards the end of dinner Gene accidentally makes a noise. Two of Truman's guards come down to check it out but Marianne calls them away at the last moment. Marianne tells Gene that she's engaged to Truman and thought the Patriots were "bringing it all back." She's going to let them escape, but doesn't know what to think.After the battle Monroe finds Doyle's body. There are four cadets unaccounted for and Monroe wonders if they might have been sent on a mission. Monroe founds a journal in locked cabinet but it's in Aramaic.Marianne and Truman to go for a walk. Truman is told that Miles' people just massacred the camp. Marianne tells Truman about Gene and Miles visiting her.Miles and Gene barely escape from Marianne's basement, with Gene suffering an injury in the process. Upstairs they run into her and she yells "They're here!"Rachel scolds Charlie for going along with Monroe. She tells her mother she doesn't think he'll actually get his republic back, saying she doesn't think anybody will be alive much longer. Rachel blames herself and says she's fighting so Charlie won't end up like her.Truman tells Tom he's very aware of what probably happened to Doyle. Tom suggests he files a report that Doyle was the victim of terrorists, which should keep Truman in charge.Miles brings the injured Gene to Rachel. Miles learns about the attack and promptly punches Monroe in the face. Miles thinks it was unnecessarily cruel. Monroe thinks he should get on board and help him do some "real damage." At this point the translated journal is brought to Monroe. It says the plan is to take the cadets to Austin, take down the government and kill the president.

Directed by Fred Toye  

Starring Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Giancarlo Esposito, Zak Orth, David Lyons, more...

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