Revenge of the Green Dragons

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Action/Drama/Crime, Hong Kong/USA, 2014, 94 min.

Tagline The American dream isn't free

Synopsis As a kid, Sonny lost his mother on their trip being smuggled to the US. The Snakehead Lady, leader of the smugglers, gave him to a new family thus he became brothers with Stephen. One day Stephen went missing and returned as a Green Dragon gang member. Sonny went with him and they grew up that way. One day the Dragons leader Paul has his relative Teddy and Teddys daughter Tina from Hong Kong. Sonny takes interest to Tina. But as they talk, men from rivaling White Tigers come and open fire on them, serious wounding Stephen with eight bullets in his chest. The Dragons exact revenge by kidnapping and killing a Tiger. Paul take Sonny to visit Ah Tai, the Tigers leader to make peace and propose a new business of smuggling heroine inside mooncakes, which Ah Tai agrees to.Sonny arranges Teddy for the run. Teddy succeeds but as he deliver the powder to the Tigers base, cops storm the place. Paul closes the door on Ah Tai and Tina hates Sonny for Teddy going to jail. One day Sonney and Stephen collect tax from a car workshop owner, which deliver less from his part. A Tiger jumps on them but Stephen kills him quickly. Finding money shortage, Stephen tells their gang captain Dai Lo about his uncle having money stashed. They then rob the place and the captain let the Dragons rape the wife and daughter, which stuns Stephen. One night Sonny and Stephen went to teach a lesson to a restaurant manager who harassed the Dai Los girl. When the manager finds out who Stephen is, he mocks him. Stephen shoots him repeatedly, also shooting a white man out of reflex when the man stands up.This means Stephen breaks one cardinal rule of gang killing: no whites. Tina makes a deal for Teddys sake on info implicating the Dragons, enraging the gang. But after Tina dropped her case, Paul instructs the captain to kill Stephen. Paul leads the Dragons to execute Tina, in front of Sonny, with Paul giving Sonny another chance to find his way back home. Paul then goes missing as the six Asian gangs convene with Dai Lo as the Dragons leader. He kills the Tigers leader, instilling fear to the other gangs and uniting them in a drug running operation. Sonny rats on them so the police easily cracks down the operation, even arresting Dai Lo. Sonny followed Paul to Hong Kong. But as hes about to kill Stephen, The Asian detective Tang whom Sonny ratted to comes and shoots Sonny dead.

Directed by Wai Keung Lau, Andrew Loo  

Starring Justin Chon, Kevin Wu, Harry Shum Jr., Ray Liotta, Jin Auyeung, more...

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