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Synopsis As Batina discovers that Alex is missing from her refuge, a desperate Higgins persuades Ramzi to send the 99 to rescue the youngsters trapped in the Ice Palace. Higgins has developed a new device to disable Rughal's security systems, but cannot go himself since his leg is injured. Jabbar, Darr and Fattah penetrate the Ice Palace, only to be trapped by Rughal's gang, including Cat. On his computer, Higgins discovers the photo-message which Alex had sent, and which Naser had tried to delete. Naser is Rughal's spy, and we learn how Rughal switched the real Naser for this clone. Aware that he has been exposed, the clone Naser escapes from Seville. Higgins knows he must act. With Blair's reluctant help, Higgins creates a machine to inject a massive surge of power into his own body. Red Shroud is back.

Directed by Dave Osborne  

Starring Andrew Barbosa, Eric Boehm, Christa Clahone, Emily Coutts, Daniel Davis, more...

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