The Quick & the Fed

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Animation/Action/Adventure/Comedy/Sci-Fi/Thriller, Canada, 1994

Synopsis After Bob ruins Megabyte's plans, by stealing his magnet. He went to Dot's Diner to be congratulated on his success in keeping Mainframe safe from viral threat. Bob lets Enzo play with his key tool: Glitch. But after Enzo tried out the Jack Hammer mode, it cause the magnet case to open and the magnet came flying out and sucked the energy out of Dot. She's now on the verge of deletion. And according to Phong, the cure is to provide her with "Slow Food". So Bob heads over to the only place in Mainframe that serves Slow Food is in Sector 31, which has this other diner called Al's. Unlike Dot's Diner, Al's is full of tough looking Sprites & Binomes, Viral Binomes, and Numbers. Bob tells the waiter up front to give him an order on Slow Food fast. Only to discover that receiving Slow Food will take time. But he doesn't have all seconds as Dot is close to being erased. While Megabyte sends his forces to get his magnet back from Bob. Will Bob get his order of Slow Food and save the day?

Directed by Dick Zondag  

Starring Michael Benyaer, Kathleen Barr, Jesse Moss, Tony Jay, Michael Donovan, more...

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