New Birthday

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Crime/Drama, USA, 2013, 53 min.

Synopsis "Ray Donovan" - "New Birthday" - August 11, 2013Ray packs a bag. Abby is mad that Ray is headed to Boston since he won't even let her take the kids there to see her parents. He won't tell her why he's going but he does say it's not about Colleen who has been dead for 20 years.Ray heads to the kitchen and the kids are cool to him. Connor informs him that Bridget is going out for the musical. Marvin runs in screaming that Ray didn't tell him about his mother dying. Ray.manhandles him out of the house further freaking out the kids. He deposits him back with Recon. Recon asks if he did it. Ray says of course not and tells him to keep Marvin away from Bridget and when he gets back home he tells Bridget to stay away. Abby says she's scared of who he is becoming and what is happening and he won't tell her anything.Van calls Frank in and asks him about the work he did on Ezra and Lee. Frank worked on several charges including wiretapping and extortion but couldn't make anything stick. Van says he wants to bring murder against them with regards to Sean Walker. Frank says he's in to help.Avi drops Ray off at the airport and wonders why he's going since Sully is a "ghost." He tells Ray to be careful.Mickey is In a movie theatre watching Sean Walker. Sean is dressed like a priest and kills someone in a confessional. The crowd cheers as the movie ends. It turns out it's an old film, "Black Mass" from the '90s that put Sean on the map and this is a special screening and Q&A with the star.Ray arrives in Boston and Frank calls him to inform of his Van's investigation. Ray says to sit on him until he returns.Mickey waves at Sean and he freaks and leaves the theatre. He angrily calls Ray and says Mickey is stalking him. Ray says he'll take care of it. Sean doesn't think he's doing a very good job of this and fires him saying "I am one of the most important people on the planet" and can take care of it himself. Ray tells him not to confuse himself with one of his characters. Sean heads back in and Mickey commandeers the microphone and spins an idea for his next movie: a young unknown actor shows up in Boston and commits a murder and frames an honest working Joe for the crime. Sean says it sounds good and the audience starts chanting "buy it." Sean says he will and Mickey gives him his number.Abby goes to see Marvin. She apologizes about his mom and offers an ear to listen. He says she was a drug addict who sold him and probably bragged about the cash and got killed. Abby asks what Ray has to do with it and he says to ask him herself and slams the door.Ray goes into dive bar to see Eddie, the guy he paid to pick Mickey out of the line-up. He says he wants to see Sully and Eddie.says Sully died 10 years ago. Ray says to tell him he's in town.Recon wants to cheer up Marvin who is down about his mom and offers to celebrate his "new birthday" the next day. The first day of his whole new life.Sean calls Mickey and says he's sending a car for him the next day. Mickey heads to the gym and he and Bunchy, Daryll, Potato Pie and Terry watch a fight together. Bunchy is sleeping at the gym because he doesn't like his new house anymore.Bridget calls Ray asks about Marvin. He says he was trying to help get him out of a house full of drug addicts and that he.tried ot help mom too and that he did his best.Ray gets a call to meet a bar where he is promply attacked by a bunch of guys. As he spits blood out of his mouth he reiterates his desire to see Sully. He heads back to his hotel and nurses his wounds with ice and a drink.His old friend Gary comes by. They briefly catch up but then he starts asking about Bridget and why she did what she did. Apparently, Gary was her boyfriend. Gary says there's no answer. Ray tells him he's tired. him money to take kids to Red Sox game. Gary leaves.Recon sweetly wakes Marvin with a cake and a birthday song.From a distance Ray watches Sully's elderly mother get into a town car with the bruiser and Sully's woman. He follows them to a hair salon and tells Mrs. Sullivan she wants to see Sully. She tells him to.go eff himself. He grabs the bruiser by the nuts and reiterates his request to see Sully.Abby lunches with Deb and they looks at potential new houses. Deb says their problems won't go away with a new house. Abby notes she found a handcuff in Ray's apartment. She says she's lonely in Calabasas. Deb notes that everyone's lonely. She also points out that Ezra did in fact buy her a dog and then named it...Ruth. And it's not even a boy dog. They laugh over the cruel and thoughtless men in their lives. Abby says she thinks Ray hates Mickey because he killed Colleen who was Ray's girlfriend.Ray visits a cemetery to visit his mother and sister and the dog of Sully's woman runs by. The woman beckons ray to a church where he meets with Sully and asks him to kill Mickey. Sully notes that he is the FBI's..#1 most wanted criminal. Ray says to come to L.A and do the job and then he will set him up anywhere he wants for a new life. Sully asks why he doesn't do it himself. Ray says he would if he could. Sully asks why him? Rays says he.wants the last person Mickey sees to hate him as much as he does. Sully tells him he'll be in touch and tells him to go pay his respects to Colleen.Mickey visits Sean on a studio lot. Sean says if he buys Mickey's story idea that he can't share it with anyone and says he thinks Mickey has more than one movie in him. He offers him an overall deal.Bridget and Marvin make music together in a home studio, her singing "Ain't No Sunshine" and him rapping over the breaks. They sound pretty great together.Abby and Deb go shopping at a high end boutique. Deb buys her stuff but Abby decides she wants to steal the shoes she's wearing like she used to in high school. They make a break for it and the security guard chases them. They are both drunk. Deb stumbles and pees her pants and they both think this is hilarious. The security guard catches up to them.Frank tries to get Van to share his information but Van refuses. Van confronts Frank and asks him who he's working for. Frank says the FBI. Van still doesn't want to share. Frank tells him to go it alone then.Bridget and Marvin make their way to his bedroom and she blurts out that she loves him. He doesn't return the sentiment but they begin to make out. He undoes his pants expecting her to pleasure him orally. She says she's not ready and he gets angry and tries to force her. She calls him an asshole and tearfully runs out.Van tracks down Mickey and tells him he has to get a confession out of Sean or go back to prison.Back in L.A. Ray calls Sean and ferrets out that he met with Mickey. He tells Sean that he is digging own grave. Frank calls Ray and tells him that Van is moving forward and there's nothing he could do. Ray says fine and that he's sending something over..Ray picks up Abby from police station. She's still a little drunk and kind of flirty. She tells Ray he can't do what he wants all the time. There's definite heat between them. They get home and start making out but he bristles because he thinks the thugs broke one his ribs. She says she's going to get something to put on it.Frank receive the video of Van's failed sobriety test.Ray heads into the living room and chats with Connor. He reports that something's wrong with Bridget because of something Marvin did. He heads up to her room where she is being comforted by Abby who says Marvin attacked her. Bridget immediately leaps to his defense saying it was her fault and he didn't mean to hurt her. Ray stalks off and Bridget chases after him saying not to hurt him and that Ray doesn't help people but hurts them and that she hates him.Ray goes and drags Marvin from his house and Bridget looks out the window fretting to Abby that Ray is going to kill him. Abby tells her to come away from window.Sully says goodbye to his Mom.Marvin pleads as Ray drives, saying he didn't mean to hurt her and it's his new birthday.

Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter  

Starring Liev Schreiber, Paula Malcomson, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Steven Bauer, more...

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