Every Five Minutes

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Drama/Crime/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 1998, 46 min.

Synopsis Sam, Bailey, Grace and the VCTF are called in to investigate a serial rapist terrorizing the Florida panhandle. The victims are able to provide the team with a number of clues which Sam uses to form her profile of the assailant. In the midst of the investigation, Sam butts heads with a local female sheriff, Anita Pessoa, who continuously criticizes the VCTF's handling of the case. Sam confronts Pessoa and eventually learns the woman was once a rape victim herself. Back in Atlanta, John and Marcus get a hot tip on the fugitive Sharon Lesher. Desperate for cash, she has made it known on the street that she is looking for Jimmy Coniglio, one of her old partners in crime whom betrayed her in which she was sent to prison four years ago for an armed robbery that Jimmy actually committed. John and Marcus plan to use Jimmy to capture Sharon in a sting operation.

Directed by Kim Moses  

Starring Ally Walker, Robert Davi, Julian McMahon, Roma Maffia, Peter Frechette, more...

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