All About the Ripple Effect

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Comedy, USA, 2008

Synopsis Megan becomes more neurotic and uncomfortable when her eccentric and estranged mother Shelby, whom she hasn't seen in 16 years, suddenly shows up to visit Arthur. Megan instead confides in Charlie about her problems, which makes Will feel left out and a little jealous over Megan's friendliness with Charlie. Megan also learns that Lily has eloped with her punk boyfriend, which makes Megan feel that she's losing control even more. Meanwhile, Rose asks Marco to help set up Sage with the sous chief Louis, while Sage makes a bet with Rami the doorman to try to set up Rose with her old boyfriend Zack.

Directed by Ron Lagomarsino  

Starring Joanna Garcia, Lucy Hale, Ashley Newbrough, Michael Cassidy, Allan Louis, more...

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