Private Affairs

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Romance/Comedy, USA, 1940, 74 min.

Tagline A Frolicksome-Foursome Throw Tradition To The Winds In A Gale Of Hilarity...A Back-Bay Black-Sheep Gets Out On A Limb Of The Family Tree!

Synopsis Disowned by his patrician father Noble for marrying a commoner, Amos Bullerton leaves Boston for New York, where he becomes the most aristocratic board boy working at a brokerage firm. Amos is suddenly confronted with the family he has not seen in fifteen years when his daughter Jane comes to New York for permission to jilt her Back Bay fiancé Herbert Stanley in order to marry Jimmy Nolan, a law clerk who works in her grandfather's office. At the same time, Amos becomes cab driver Angus McPherson's partner when he is unable to pay his cab fare and Amos suggests that Angus become his driver as well as partner in debt. Things begin to look up for Amos when George Gilkin, an unscrupulous stock broker, decides to exploit the Bullerton name by hiring Amos to run his new Boston office. Returning home to what he hopes will be a triumph, Amos discovers that his name fails to improve the stock business. To create the appearance of Noble's support, Jimmy suggests that Amos throw a big party and then by a ruse, Jimmy drives Noble to the gathering. Noble's presence at the party causes the price of the stock to soar, and Gilkin, impatient for profits, plots to circulate rumors in order to drive the stock down. Learning of Gilkin's treachery, Amos and Angus take him on a wild goose chase to prevent him from reaching the stock market in New York. After making certain that Gilkin is safely locked away in a small New England town, Jimmy and Jane are married and Amos is finally reconciled with his father.

Directed by Albert S. Rogell  

Starring Nancy Kelly, Robert Cummings, Hugh Herbert, Roland Young, Montagu Love, more...

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