The Price

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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, USA, 2008, 42 min.

Synopsis We start this show with a dateline of: 'Chicago, 2001.' Lincoln and some guy with a shotgun are sitting in a car, talking about the craziness of this latest job Crab has them doing. Lincoln says this will be his last job, just as a guy with a suitcase walks out of a hotel across the street.Lincoln and the man follow, going a few blocks before T-boning the man's limo at a nearby intersection. The get out and grab the case, but not before his accomplice shoots two men, including the case-holder just as he was about to shoot Lincoln in the back.We cut to modern day, as Lincoln is apparently suggesting a similar plan for getting access to the General's card to Sucre, Sarah and Glenn.Michael and Self walk into a church to meet Gretchen. Gretchen tells them she wants to bring down the Company as well, and will not provide that additional bird book pages unless shes included. Michael agrees.Back at the warehouse, Michael learns that Glenn has lost the device and essentially tells him he needs to wait in their sleeping quarters until the entire mission is over. Sarah takes Michael aside to talk to him about his nose bleeds and family medical history. After telling Sarah he's "fine" and that Lincoln is overreacting, Michael drops the bomb that Gretchen, the person responsible for torturing her at the end of last season is alive and are going to join them on the mission. Sarah's face looks how you expect it would look, but tells Michael she's okay with the news.While Michael, Lincoln and Mahone begin to formulate a plan for the General, Glenn sends the following text to Wyatt: "How much for Scofield and Burrows?" Not cool, Glenn. Not freakin' cool.We cut to GATE, where Gretchen has freed both T-Bag and the secretary. T-Bag's release is based on his keeping everything running smoothly with the secretary while Michael tunnels to Scylla. T-Bag tells Gretchen she should not trust Michael given her history with Sarah, as the Xing henchman who promised he would kill T-Bag if he didn't produce Scylla in three days walks into the office and points a gun a T-Bags head. Gretchen intervenes, using the fact she had worked with the henchman before as leverage to save T-Bag and negiates a $125 million selling price for the Scylla.The gang is fixing up an old car back at the warehouse, with the gameplan to run into the General's car, have Sarah inject him with morphine and then download his card on a laptop while they take him to the hospital posing as EMTs.We cut to the General holding court and telling a table of card-holders that Laos was just a trial run and the next phase of their evil plan (my words) is about to begin. Wyatt pops in to tell the General that the text message he got was completely untraceable and the General tells him to "bait the hook."Self helps Michael and Lincoln steal an ambulance from a federal impound lot, followed by Glenn apologizing to Sarah "for Vegas" after noticing neither she nor Michael are wearing their GPS ankle bracelets. Glenn's asks her why they havent just run off and she tells him that some things are more important than what two people want. Self calls Sarah and tells her Gretchen wants to meet with her that night to "clear the air." Sarah says no.As the group departs to go for the General, Glenn gets a text reading: "1 million for the brothers today." Glenn responds: Done.Gretchen tells T-Bag his cut will be $25 million, before implying that Scylla is much more than The Company's black book. After Wyatt asks Glenn in another text how he can trust him, Glenn suggests a meeting place.With Michael, Sarah and Bellick in the ambulance, Sucre and Lincoln in the battering car and Mahone on surveillance the plan begins. But just before the Generals limo is about to reach the crashing point, the General gets a call. The limo turns around and Wyatt pulls in front of Lincoln and Sucres car and begins firing, hitting Sucre in the stomach.Back at the warehouse Sarah works on Sucre. Michael accuses a very defensive Glenn of setting them up, but quickly backs off and asks him to do some research on his laptop.Cut to GATE, where Self promises an impatient Gretchen that he will kill her if she doesnt leave the country after Scylla is acquired. The secretary helps T-Bag get Gretchen's fingerprints as an "insurance policy" if Gretchen tries to hold out on payment, though T-Bag promises the secretary only a $1 million payday.The General is unhappy with Wyatt using him as bait, but Wyatt points out that their mission probably wasnt to kill him. General tells Wyatt he wants both of the brothers brought to him that day or Wyatt's "severance will be a bodybag."While having flashbacks to her time with Gretchen, Sarah pulls the bullet out of Sucre, seemingly getting him out of the woods. After a call from Self, the gang discovers Glenn has split without his ankle bracelet and we see him waiting alone and sending an "I'm here" text. They realize Glenn took their car and the laptop and everybody besides Sarah and Sucre go looking for him. As Sarah finishes up with Sucre, she has further flashbacks, which seems to show her giving medical care to someone.Not surprisingly, Wyatt has not shown up to the meeting with Glenn with any money, instead putting a bullet in Glenns knee and asking for Michael and Lincoln's location.We cut to Gretchen's motel, and see Sarah arrive in a cab. While we see flashbacks of a woman helping Sarah while she was in Gretchens custody, Gretchen tosses Sarah an extension cord and offers her five minutes of payback. Instead Sarah puts a knife to Gretchen's throat, asking for the name of the "guard you shot and left to die in my arms." Gretchen tells her "Michelle, I think," and we see in a flashback that Michelle had slipped Sarah a key before Gretchen killed her. Sarah leaves the room, tossing back a "before this is over, you'll pay for Michelle."Wyatt puts a bullet in Glenn's other knee, which prompts Glenn to give up the location of the warehouse. Wyatt appears to finish Glenn off with another shot, but as he starts to send a text Mahone drills him in the back of the head with a crowbar. Mahone is allowed to wail on Wyatt for a little bit, before Lincoln pulls him off, telling Mahone that hell "get his chance." Mahone and Lincoln take Wyatt off, and as Michael goes into Glenn's bag we see that Michael had snuck a GPS chip into the laptop. With Lincoln yelling for him to hurry up, Michael pauses at Glenn who has been shot in the stomach and is begging for help.The General tells the other Scylla card-holders that there has been an attempt "on my card" and demands that Scylla is moved.We get one final cut to Michael, who stays to hold Glenn's hand as he dies. Glenns last words are "I'm not ready to go, man" a line which appears to resonate with Nose Bleedy McGee.

Directed by Bobby Roth  

Starring Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Michael Rapaport, Amaury Nolasco, Wade Williams, more...

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