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Action/Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller, 2009, 45 min.

Synopsis We open with Michael calling Lincoln to tell him the extent of Sandinsky's relationship with Christina.Michael calls Christina on Sandinky's phone and demands Scylla in exchange for Sandinsky. Christina tracks the call to an industrial park.Lincoln tries to get Sandinsky to tell them the location of Scylla. With Lincoln holding a gun to his head the General walks in. The General and Sandinsky confirm that Sandinsky has been a Company operative for several decades. Upset that they did not tell him Christina had Scylla, the General orders the men (besides T-Bag) to their knees. Sandinsky tells the General where Christina is staying and the General gives Lincoln one day to find Scylla. T-Bag stays behind with the General.Christina arrives at Michael's location. When she leaves her car Michael and Sara rig the vents to release a gas and knock out her and her guards. Back at Michael's apartment he tells a tied-up Christina that her "life depends on" telling him the location of Scylla. Christina suggests that because she knows him so well he cannot manipulate her.Lincoln, Mahone and Self arrive at Christina's abandoned hotel room. While they bicker over T-Bag's deception they rummage through the desk (fondling some bullets along the way) and find an envelope with DMB written on it.After a thorough beating Sandinsky tells the General about the conference, adding that he thinks the General "thinks too small." Lincoln calls the General and has him question Sandinsky about the letter. The envelope is for Dade Miami Bank.Sara takes a shot at questioning Christina with Michael in another room. Christina has noticed Sara is pregnant and knows that Michael doesn't know.At the bank Self tries to get into Christina's safety deposit box. They learn the box was just accessed and begin following a man who drives off with a suitcase. This man receives a call from Banjaree who says if he doesn't hear from Christina by 5 pm the deal is off.Michael unties Christina and offers that if she takes him to Scylla he will let her go. She starts detailing the differences between Michael and Lincoln, eventually saying that Lincoln isn't Michael's biological brother. Lincoln's Company-employed parents were killed in an explosion when Lincoln was three and Michael's father brought him home out of a sense of duty. Christina suggests that Michael holds himself back for Lincoln. Michael tearfully defends Lincoln. Christina tells Michael that Lincoln is heading after Scylla but won't find it. Demanding to know Lincoln's location he grabs her and pulls her over to the bathtub. Christina finally gives up the name of the energy conference which is starting in an hour. Openly weeping, Michael leaves.The General compliments T-Bag on his work but tells him he is still one step from earning a job with The Company. When Lincoln returns with Scylla, T-Bag will be in charge of killing Lincoln.Christina tricks Sara into giving her a method to free her hands.The General learns that Banarjee (the son of India's prime minister) will be at the conference. Banarjee apparently has an interest in solar weapons technology.When Sara returns to the bathroom Christina jumps her and takes the gun. "Dont move, or I'll kill you both."Lincoln, Self and Mahone chase the man with the suitcase to the conference hotel and Mahone wonders if it might be a trap.Christina elects not to kill Sara.Michael shows up at the hotel. Christina speaks with a concerned Banarjee who amends his offer to $1 million in exploratory research but agrees to give his speech.With Lincoln having sprinted into the hotel, Mahone and Self examine a minivan outside the hotel. Inside they find the vehicle has been rented in Lincoln's name and see fake passports for all three of them in the glove. "It's a setup," Mahone says.Watching a news report on the conference, the General realizes that Christina's plan was to create an international incident that would domino into global warfare. The General has T-Bag kill Sandinsky.As Banarjee begins to speak Lincoln chases the suitcase man to the hotel's second level. Lincoln spots a man pull out a sniper rifle and kill Banarjee before dropping a fake shell (with Lincoln's fingerprints on it) and darting into an elevator. Michael shows up and tells Lincoln "she set the whole thing up."

Directed by Garry A. Brown  

Starring Dominic Purcell, Wentworth Miller, Michael Rapaport, Amaury Nolasco, Robert Knepper, more...

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