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Drama, France/Philippines/West Germany/UK, 2012, 120 min.

Tagline How Much Good Can a Bad Man Do?

Synopsis Captive is an original screenplay that follows John Rancour - an aging, corrupt detective who is on the run for murdering a fellow police officer in cold blood. With enemies on both sides of the law wanting him dead - John has no choice but to seek help from the very man that exposed his crimes and sent him on the run - journalist Tyler Chase. John takes Tyler captive, forcing him to tag-along on a one-night race against time to expose and eradicate the system of corruption that he helped create in his years on the force. Complicating matters further is John's former partner and best-friend, Detective Frank Hanaway, who wants nothing more than to stop the pair from making it through the night alive. As the night wears on and the bodies begin to pile up in their wake, Tyler starts to believe that there is more to John Rancour and his motives than he originally accused; and that the people and places he witnesses could lead to a bigger story than he ever thought possible.

Directed by Brillante Mendoza  

Starring Isabelle Huppert, Katherine Mulville, Marc Zanetta, Rustica Carpio, Timothy Mabalot, more...

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