Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2013, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with the girls at school talking about where Spencer might be. Melissa shows up at school and tells them Spencer hasn't been home and is going to call the police.Spencer, still a Jane Doe, talks to one of the nurses at the Radley Sanitarium. She's there because the county facility is full.The girls are going to look for Spencer while periodically checking in with Melissa.Ashley tries to ignore a call from Ted, but Hanna picks up the phone and sets up a coffee date for her.Ezra tells Aria he's considering teaching again.Dr. Sullivan finds Spencer at Radley.Ashley and Hanna meet with Ted, who is pleased with Jamie's work at the church. Wilden arrives and says he took a couple days off.Spencer tells Sullivan about Toby and says she liked not having an identity for a few hours. Sullivan is going to contact her family.Aria talks to Byron about Ezra looking for a job and asks if he can help at all. Aria gets a text from Emily that Spencer's okay.Melissa tells Spencer their parents are looking at flying back from Europe as fast as possible. Melissa says she never considered the possibility her sister might be sick.The girls talk about Spencer being found in the woods. Right now only family is allowed to see her. The girls all get a text picture from Ashley being pulled over by Wilden.Spencer is given medication in preparation for her evaluation. She sees her nurse is a man named E. (Eddie) Lamb.Ashley tells Hanna she wants to cancel a seminar in New York related to a potential promotion. Hanna thinks she should still go and offers to stay with Emily.Emily asks Sullivan about visiting Spencer and is told what Spencer said about Toby. No body has been found in the woods and Sullivan isn't convinced Spencer saw what she thinks she saw.Byron and Ella talk about Aria's request involving Ezra. Byron says he could bring it up to the dean and suggests that if they get him a job he might end things with Aria.Sullivan and Spencer argue over the body she saw in the woods. Spencer asks to see her friends and is told it will only happen after her evaluation.Emily runs into Shauna at the coffee shop and finds out that she swims, something Paige never mentioned.Eddie tells Spencer that the facility had trouble with the old badges and had to change them.Hanna tells Aria she wants her mother to get the job so they at least have the option to leave Wilden and Rosewood. Wilden reported his car as being stolen.Spencer tells Eddie about Toby having his ID badge and brings up Mona. He says there was a problem with the visitor badges related to someone on staff. He also says the room Spencer is now in was Mona's room. Spencer flashes back to being in church with Alison, who was making fun of Mona. Afterwards Alison told Spencer she is writing in her diary for her to have "later."Ezra meets with Byron. Byron has spoken with the dean. There is no room in the department right now but he's still trying to help.Eddie tells Spencer he met Toby when his mother was a patient there.The girls run into Mona in the bathroom. She asks about Spencer. Aria tells her she's the reason why their friend is Radley and makes a threat.The dean meets with Aria, telling her Ezra has applied to be a substitute. He asks if she's seeing Ezra socially. She says she isn't and basically says they stopped short of every having a romantic relationship.Ashley apologizes to Ted for cancelling on him so late. She says her promotion could lead to her taking Hanna with her to New York. He says he likes seeing her and doesn't want her to leave, adding he'd like to try and help keep her in town if there is anything he can do.Mona pays Spencer a visit. Spencer asks why she killed Toby. Mona says if she'd actually killed Toby she wouldn't want to talk to her. Mona tells her Alison told her she was never pregnant. She has Alison's diary on a tablet and says she has answers for questions Spencer "hasn't even thought of." Mona thinks Spencer needs her in order to get all the answers.Ashley says goodbye to Hanna and leaves her at Emily's. As soon as Ashley pulls away Wilden pulls up in his car. Hanna tells him to go away and he asks her to tell him where his car and keys are. He says that's all he wants and if she gives it to him he'll leave them alone.During group Spencer tells the story of falling down in the woods and looking down at her hands. She says she thought if that was the last thing she ever saw she was fine with it: "I'd had enough." She talks about surviving when the "worst thing" happens. Spencer looks over and pictures Emily, Aria and Hanna sitting in the circle, admitting that her friends can no longer count on her.

Directed by Ron Lagomarsino  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, more...

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