The Guilty Girl's Handbook

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2013, 45 min.

Synopsis Open with Pam on the phone reporting the car that went through their home. It was a stolen vehicle and there are no leads on the driver.At Spencer's place the girls talk about why A might have taken such a drastic step. Veronica comes home and tells Hanna that they've entered a not guilty plea for her mother, but she wasn't granted bail. She'll be moved to state prison until the trial and Hanna is devastated. Hanna is blaming herself and decides to stay home from school so she can talk to her father.Mike tells Aria he's going to a party. She spots a martial arts bag and he admits to taking classes.Emily meets with Ezra about college. He asks whether there is someone out there bugging the girls. She changes the subject.Caleb asks Spencer how she's doing. She wonders if perhaps he and Toby are getting to close to finding Wilden's killer. The number they got from Nigel's phone is assigned to three different people with New York addresses. Toby is looking into them.Emily is looking at a small college in Maryland and Ezra thinks she's a strong candidate even without swimming. He thinks she should asks her Habitat for Humanity supervisor Zoe for a reference and tries to help build up her confidence.Hanna gets a call from Ashley. Her mother tries to reassure her that everything will be fine. The plan is for her to visit Ashley the following day before the transfer. Hanna hangs up and we see Mona has arrived. Hanna tells her she plans to confess to killing Wilden and needs her help making the lie sound perfect.Spencer meets Veronica's young intern, Beckett. Files have been mistakenly sent to their home.Mona grills Hanna, prepping her with questions she'll likely get from police.Spencer glances at some of the files while pretending to help Beckett.Aria talks to her old martial arts instructor and asks him about Mike. She asks if he's said anything to him she should be worried about. Jake said Mike has been having trouble with his own teammates thinking he's an "easy target."Spencer drops by Radley and shows staffer Eddie a police report she got from her mother's files. It was an interview conducted by Wilden from the night's Toby's mother died. What Eddie told Wilden is not appeared in the official report. He advises Spencer to forget what she saw.Hanna tells Mona about the muddy shoes. Mona advises her to tell police she threw them away.Emily meets with Zoe. She says there is a Nicaragua trip coming up the next summer and Emily expresses interest.Ashley meets with Caleb. She worried Hanna might do something rash. Caleb says he'll try to help.Pam runs into Emily while she's meeting with Zoe. She tells Emily they'll be out of their house for months.Mona presses Hanna to come up with a story for what happened when she met with Wilden that night. She makes sure Hanna's story is consistent with self-defense. Caleb stops by and Hanna gives him a story that she's there to help her move on.Spencer comes home to find Veronica working with Beckett. He's aware she took the file but seems cool with not telling her mother.Aria calls looking for Mike. Another guy answers and tells her he's not conscious.Hanna story will be that Wilden was angry that night and she was worried he was going to hurt her mother. She will say she's sorry she killed him.As Hanna prepares to leave for her confession Caleb stops her.Aria calls Jake for help finding Mike. They are about to leave to find him when Mike calls to say he's fine and he's going to sleep at a friend's house. Jake offers to stay over for awhile because she's so upset.Hanna explains her plan to Caleb. He doesn't think she'll be able to pull it off and isn't going to let her confess.Pam tells Emily she's going to be looking for work the following day. Emily brings up spending the summer before college in Nicaragua and says Zoe offered her a leadership position. Pam bursts into tears and Emily comforts her.Mona stops by the police department and says she wants to talk to a detective about a murder.Veronica tells Spencer that Ashley will remain in the prison until she gets the judge to recommend bail. Spencer shows her the interview and the fact it didn't match the official report. Veronica doesn't think it's relevant. Veronica's phone rings and she tells Spencer that Mona confessed to killing Wilden.The girls rush to the station in time to see Mona in an interview room.

Directed by Janice Cooke  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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