Scream for Me

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2014, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with the girls in class while Alison is interviewed by Detective Tanner. Hanna seems out of it.Tanner is extremely suspicious of Alison's version of past events. She thinks it's strange that Shauna decided to move to Rosewood.While the girls were occupied, somebody grabbed Alison's choir book and circled all of the As in the sheet music. There is a note: "Glad to hear your singing. Last time you were all choked up."A beer can falls out of Hanna's locker. The girls are worried but she blows them off. Hanna and Aria aren't getting along and Emily thinks Hanna needs to apologize to Alison for her behavior at dinner the other night.Ella asks Aria to be her maid of honor. She wants her daughter to go to a dress fitting that afternoon but Aria is busy with a shift at Rosewood.Emily talks to Sidney. She makes a point to say that she's never been to New York City and asks if Hanna said anything about the city when she was drunk. Sidney lets it slip that the team wants her to be an assistant coach. Emily's not sure.Alison asks Hanna if she can crash with her while her dad's out of town. Hanna doesn't seem to love the idea but says she'll ask her mother.Spencer shows Toby Bethany's drawings and talks to him about the possible connection to his mother. Toby has enrolled in the police academy. Spencer doesn't love the idea.Rhonda catches Aria trying to put the sketchbook back under her bed. She says she'll keep quiet for a price.Hanna comes home to find Alison talking to her mother. Ashley seems particularly sympathetic to what Alison's been through and wants her to stay with them.After Aria gives Rhonda chips and a soda she asks about Bethany. Rhonda says that Mrs. DiLaurentis used to take Bethany to a nearby stable and adopted a horse for her. One of the nurses comes in and yells at Aria, since Rhonda isn't allowed to have sugar.Hanna hands out with Caleb in the car and takes some pulls from a bottle of whiskey he brought. He talks about them going on a trip together. She goes into the brew looking for some food. Zach has just closed but says he'll make her something to go.Sidney brings Emily an assistant coach sweatshirt and accidentally makes reference to Emily having been to New York City. Sidney blows it off but this slip of the tongue alarms Emily.After giving Hanna her sandwich Zach puts his arm on her shoulder. It linger there for too long and Hanna looks uncomfortable.Aria forgot to meet her mother for the new dress appointment she'd set up to accommodate her schedule. Ella's worried this is Aria's way of showing her displeasure with her mother getting married again. Aria assures Ella that's not the case.Hanna and Caleb get drunk together at his place. They're both so bombed they can't drive so she'll have to get a cab.Spencer tells Emily she's found the name of the stable. Their plan is to visit. The next day Hanna comes to school late, looking disheveled and saying she fell asleep in Caleb's car. Hanna tells Emily and Spencer about the encounter with Zach. They want her to be certain before saying anything to Aria.Ashley finds Alison alone in Hanna's room. She heard something outside the window the night before and was too scared to go to school. Ashley feels terrible for her.At the stable Emily and Spencer talk to a teacher named Declan.Ashley asks Alison if she'd like to go out for dinner, just the two of them.Declan tells the girls he remembers seeing Mrs. DiLaurentis and Bethany, who he calls "strange." There was an incident where Bethany had a meltdown after Mrs. DiLaurentis wanted her to call her aunt. A storm is approaching but Spencer wants them to look around.Alison sits along outside the brew eating some food. Zach jumps in the car and asks if she felt the same connection he did the other night. He gives her his number and puts his hand on her knee.While waiting to leave for dinner Ashley spots an open window in the house. Alison comes downstairs and they see a large shadow that appears to be holding a knife. The figure leaves, dropping a huge kitchen knife behind. Ashley calls Tanner, who again is skeptical of Alison. Ashley is defensive of Alison and tells Tanner she needs to do her job.Hanna tells Aria what happened with Zach. Aria blows up and blamed Hanna and her recent downward spiral for the whole thing.While looking through the stable Spencer finds her sister's riding helmet. The horse in the next stall is getting agitated by the weather and begins kicking. We see someone sneak in and lock Spencer and Emily in the stall. Before they can escape the horse kicks the fence and the wood splinters near Spencer's eye.Back at home Spencer tells Toby what happened. He's tired of feeling so helpless. She apologizes and gives her blessing for him to be a cop.Aria watches a movie with her mother and Zach.Emily calls Spencer over to Alison's place where she's packing up some things. Alison then drops the bomb that she was responsible for the break-in at Hanna's place. She did so because she wanted someone who "mattered" like Ashley to be on her side.

Directed by Bethany Rooney  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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