Reality Bites Me

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2010, 45 min.

Synopsis Open with the girls hanging at Spencer's place and discussing the letter 'A' sent to Aria's mother informing her that her husband had been unfaithful. Aria tells the others that Alison saw her father kissing Meredith. They head upstairs to clean Spencer's mirror and Hanna's now unblocked phone rings with a text. It's a video message from 'A' showing that he/she was videotaping them from Spencer's closet while they looked at the mirror. The go upstairs and find the lipstick inside the closet.Aria and her brother Mike discuss the fact their parents have been acting weird lately. Cut to them downstairs arguing. Byron tells Ella he things they should seek counseling. After Byron leaves for work Aria tells Ella that Mike knows something is going on. Ella tells her not to worry, that the issue is between her and Byron.Hanna runs into Sean on her way to her first day of work at his mother's office. He tells her he tried to take the fall for wreck and they have an awkward conversation about Homecoming. He says he hasn't thought much about the dance before hopping into a car with a pretty girl.At school the girls discuss the possibility Toby's blind sister Jenna broke into Spencer's house. They think Emily should ask Toby where he was last night. Spencer's teacher walk up and tells her that her essay won the national award.In lab Toby tells Emily he was studying the night before at the Grille. He often goes there for quiet just about every night. He asks whether Maya is the newest member of her group of friends.Fitz tells Aria he'll be reading one of his stories that night. He tells her she can come.In the elevator after work Hanna stares at Jenna while she puts on her lipstick.Spencer's father could not be happier about her winning the essay contest. He wants her to play tennis with him against a potential client at the country club.Hanna spots Jenna leaving the floor in the building where she's working. She walks into the room (which is empty) but is chased away by a guard.Toby and Emily realize they have similar taste in music and Toby offers to burn Emily a CD of a new band she might like. He suggests they meet up at the Grille later and she agrees.Following Fitz's reading Aria runs into one of his friends from college.Spencer practices her game at the club in anticipation of the match. She runs into a club employee who thinks she's going at it pretty angrily.When Aria walks away, Fitz's buddy tells him he's asking for trouble seeing one of his students.Hanna tells her mother Ashley about the cheerleader she saw Sean with the other day. Ashley tries to assure her that there is no evidence Sean is dating her. Hanna mentions her father is engaged, a fact Ashley did not know. Hanna glances at her Instant messenger and sees a note from 'A.' It is the pictures of Emily and Maya kissing.Sitting at the Grille, Hanna tells Spencer that the lipstick she saw Jenna putting on in the elevator is the same shade as what was on her mirror. Emily walks in and decides to ignore Toby and sit with Hanna and Spencer. Toby leaves.Fitz and Aria return to his place. Fitz expresses concern about their relationship. Aria seems to convince him that age doesn't matter when they're together. They agree she will bring over dinner the next night.Spencer leaves the Grille and mentions potentially being interested in the guy from the club. The waitress brings over a CD for Emily. Hanna sees the gift and clearly thinks it could be from Maya. Hanna seems cool with the prospect.We see a happy Emily going to bed clutching the CD from Toby.To Spencer's dismay, her father tells her it is his best interest that they lose the doubles match. It is the best way to ensure he gets the sale. During the match Spencer begins playing worse as the club employee looks on.Hanna finally goes into the door where she saw Jenna exit. It is a counselor's office. After being mistaken for a patient, Hanna makes up a lame excuse and leaves.With their parents arguing in the background, Mike tells Aria he is upset with what is happening. We cut to Byron telling Ella he wants to save their marriage, that he wants things to be the way they used to be. He says the time with Meredith was a mistake and used Aria to help cover it up because he was afraid.After Spencer and her father lose the club employee walks over to her. She tells him it was important for her team to lose and he tells her sees a lot of game-playing at the club. She asks him if he'd like to go out some time.Hanna tells Ashley she still hasn't heard from Sean and is worried the relationship is over. Ashley thinks she shouldn't tell Sean how she feels.Aria arrives at Fitz' place for dinner. He is clearly upset. She left her cell phone there the other night and after it repeatedly buzzed with a text he finally checked it in case there was an emergency. It was a note from 'A,' referencing Aria and Fitz' relationship. Fitz is angry she told one of her friends. Aria tells him she doesn't know 'A' and didn't tell anyone but he doesn't believe her and asks her to leave.Hanna runs into Sean. She asks about the girl and he tells her she was simply a friend he attends RLW (Real Love Waits) meetings with. Hanna asks if she can go to the meetings with him and Sean seems to like the idea.Spencer's dad tells her he got the sale. But to get it he had to lie and tell the client her club employee friend (Alex) screwed up a reservation. Spencer is so angry that she tells her father she stole the essay.Emily finds Toby at the Grille. She apologizes for dissing him the other night and gives him a CD she burned for him.We see Spencer and Alex go on their date.Aria and Mike eat dinner together. Neither knows what will happen with their parents' marriage.

Directed by Wendey Stanzler  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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