Over My Dead Body

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2011

Synopsis We open with Spencer, Hanna and Aria in an interrogation room at the police station. We see Garrett on the other side of the two-way mirror talking to someone about the fact this case could get that person a promotion. The person walks into the room and we see that it is detective Darren Wilden. He tells the girls "homicide is a capital offense in the state of Pennsylvania and you girls are going down."12 HOURS EARLIER The girls are on Dr. Sullivan's porch and see she hasn't checked her mail or picked up her papers. They're worried about what happened the last time someone figured out who A was.Maya and Emily have a date at her place. We learn that the girls will be joining Hanna at her father's wedding. Maya tells Emily she's interested, but she wants to take things slow.Toby tells Spencer that the break line to his truck was severed. He assumed he ran something over. They spot Jason next door and Toby asks about the conversation she had with her father. She said he didn't tell her why he was at Jason's place.Hanna keeps trying Sullivan's cell phone but gets nothing. Caleb is back in town and drops by. They hug and she tells him about the trouble she's having with her father and Kate.Aria overhears Jackie bring Ezra coffee. She's very forward about the possibility of them getting back together but Ezra is clear he's taken. Aria moves down the hall to get a text from A. It's a picture of Sullivan holding that day's paper with the message: "She still alive."10 HOURS EARLIER The girls get a package from A. It has a note that they have until 7pm to save "her" and "these are my demands." It has specific instructions for three of them. Aria is supposed to reveal that Jackie's soon-to-be-published scholarly article is actually a plagiarism, Hanna is supposed to stop her fathers wedding and Spencer is supposed to "keep Toby safe." Emily isn't mentioned in the package. Spencer points out that A is being their "frienemy," forcing them to things they want to do which will complicate their lives.Back in the interrogation room Aria wants to make her call. We see Garrett talking to a superior about the missing Page 5 from Alison's report. It contained the evidence found on the deceased's body. Aria weeps into the phone, telling someone she "made a terrible mistake."6 HOURS EARLIER Aria drops by Jackie's office and shows her the article she copied. Aria tells her she needs to leave the college or be exposed.Hanna tells Emily she's forgiven her father for leaving and knows that if she ruins his wedding he'll leave her life again. Tom drops by her room and says he's sorry for putting so much pressure on her. Hanna asks him if he's sure he wants to marry Isabel. He seems to convince her that it's the right thing for him.Spencer breaks up with Toby by using the excuse that her father actually did tell her about the history of him and the DiLaurentises. She says she'll never be able to tell him and he deserves someone who will be honest. She runs off and cries near a tree. Wren spots her.While Aria gets dressed Ella drops in and apologizes for asking her to lie. Mike is apparently doing well with a new therapist. Aria goes downstairs when the doorbell rings. It's Jackie, who is there "finishing what you started." Jackie tells Aria that if she doesn't leave Ezra she'll expose her relationship with Ezra, putting his career in education in serious jeopardy.On the way to Hanna's father's wedding the GPS in Emily's car starts giving her strange directions. She sees one of the dolls in the backseat that A had used to give the other girls their orders. Emily's doll says "I'm taking you to her. Go alone."The police tell the media that an anonymous tip led them to the "suspects." Spencer stares daggers into the two-way mirror.4 HOURS EARLIER Wren gave Spencer a ride home and was a much-needed shoulder for her to cry on. He moves in and says he's been wanting to kiss her. She says it isn't a good idea but he does it anyway. She lets him kiss her briefly then tells him his timing is terrible. Of course this takes place in front of an open mirror.The girls worry when Emily has not arrived at the wedding. Just before the ceremony is to begin Hanna gets a text from A: "She's about to run out of air."Emily arrives at a barn-looking structure.The wedding begins and Hanna blurts out that she needs to speak with Isabel. Isabel agrees to talk in the rectory. There Hanna tells Isabel that her father had sex with her mother when he came to visit them. Isabel leaves and Tom stares at his daughter. Hanna gets a text with an address on it.Inside the barn is a locked car with its engine running. Suddenly the door is closed behind Emily and she cannot escape.We see Toby attempt to communicate with Spencer at the station. He yells that he loves her and doesn't care about anything else. She ignores him.3 HOURS EARLER Emily lies unconscious on the floor. Someone we can't see picks her up and takes her out of the building. Emily wakes up to see Alison standing over her. Alison says Emily was always her favorite but tells her she can't reveal the identity of A.Emily wakes up to her friends. She says she saw Alison.At the station Emily enters the interrogation room. She had been given oxygen.Jason walks into the station and is confronted by Peter. He tells Jason he shouldn't be there. Jason says he knows all about the help he gave him. Garrett watches this exchange. Jason says Alison was great at punishing people with the truth. Jason asks Peter if Veronica "knows." Someone walks up to Garrett's desk and he tells them they shouldn't be there.2 HOURS EARLIER The girls tell Emily she might not remember escaping the garage on her own. She looks over at a shovel and tells them it wasn't there earlier. Next to it is a set of latitude/longitude coordinates. They get close and spot a tube sticking out of the ground. Based on the text Hanna received earlier they wonder if Sullivan could be buried alive. They start digging. They find something that looks like a doll's head just as the police arrive at the scene.At the station the parents talk about needing a criminal attorney. Ezra arrives and Ella walks over to him. She says she knows why he's there and he says "I'm in love with her." Ella says she'll give him one chance to get away from the situation because it's the last thing they need. Also, she says, if Spencer's parents find out they'll ruin him. He opens his mouth to say something.In the interrogation room, the girls tell Veronica they thought Wilden had been fired. Veronica says he's been reinstated only because he has evidence to back-up his allegations.We see Garrett and Jenna talking in a private office. She admits that it is they who are doing this to them and asks him if he's ready to give up his career in law enforcement. He says he'd been waiting months to get into that storage locker and tells her they need to be patient for a little bit longer. Garrett says Jason has figured out he didn't kill her, but has "no idea we wrote that note."Wilden comes into the room and tells the girls they've known all along what Alison's murder weapon was -- a shovel. Wilden says tonight they've finally caught them with it.Garrett hands Jenna a piece of paper for her to take home, instructing her to burn it. Jenna says "Is it Page 5?" Garrett says "It's over, Jenna" and Jenna responds "she deserved to die like that."During the closing credits we see a very much alive Sullivan sitting across a diner booth from A. Sullivan says "I've done everything you've asked me to do" and A slides her an envelope. Sullivan leaves and a female waitress pours A some coffee, calling A "pretty eyes."

Directed by Ron Lagomarsino  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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