A Kiss Before Lying

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2012

Synopsis Open with Spencer, Emily and Aria standing over Caleb's shoulder as he works on getting more video off the phone. Hanna begins calling all of them and finally Spencer answers. She lies about what she's doing but yelling in the background tells Hanna who she's with. Caleb finds video of Alison on a strange ID.Aria tells Spencer she's got another date with Holden. She lies and says she hasn't heard from Ezra and is becoming friends with Holden. Spencer says she hasn't heard from Toby. She cries and says she doesn't know how Aria is able to keep it together.Aria tells Ezra how hard it is to lie to her friends.Ashley asks Hanna about Kate coming to town. She tells her daughter they have to take the high road.Byron picks up Aria and Holden. While Byron goes to the cash machine they get their story straight for what they did during the "date."The next day in school Hanna is freaking out looking for Kate. The girls notice that Spencer is wearing Toby's undershirt because she misses him so much. Kate walks over and introduces herself to the rest of the girls. Spencer and Kate exchange strange glances.Hanna gets a text from A reading: "Call off your techno-boy-toy or I tell the cops what your mom keeps in the lasagna box."The girls remark how much they can't stand Noel, particularly now that he's with Jenna. They wonder if the fake ID was Alison's way of getting closer to A. Hanna walks over and tells the girls about the text. Hanna confronts Spencer about being shut out and says all she was doing was trying to protect Caleb.Emily tells Maya her mother has changed and is cool with her being with girls. Maya isn't so sure.The girls have lunch with Kate. Spencer asks her strange questions about a particular part of Maine. Spencer is convinced they've met before, but Kate doesn't think so. After Kate leaves Spencer tells the rest of them she knows her from somewhere. Hanna wants her to back off.Pam surprises Emily at school. Emily tells her about getting back together with Maya. Pam suggests they invite her to dinner.When Spencer and Kate are alone in the locker she tells her she remembers how she knows her. She was in the same bunk as her sister at a camp. Spencer tells Kate that she has a picture of her, in case she stops being nice to Hanna.Aria and Holden are about to part ways when she admits that her plans got cancelled. He says his did as well. They decide to get a pizza together and he remembers he favorite topping.At dinner Pam and Maya talk music. Maya makes an awkward reference to marijuana. Maya tells Pam about the guy she dated who is having trouble accepting that it's over. Emily seems mortified.Spencer tells Hanna not to worry about Kate. Spencer shows her the camp picture, which features a very unattractive Kate. Hanna finds the Alison ID on Spencer's phone. Hanna is furious and storms out.When Pam leaves the table Emily asks why Maya is sabotaging dinner. Maya says she's trying to be honest, Emily thinks she's trying to get a rise out of her.Ezra is told he's being recommended for an associate dean position at one of the college's satellite schools. It is in New Orleans. He's told the only reason he was considered for such a nice position is that Byron said he would be perfect. Ezra and Byron stare at each other from across the room.Hanna confronts Caleb about lying to her. She ends up telling him about the money problems they had and her mother stealing money from the bank. He is the first person she's told, but she tells him someone she doesn't know is holding the information over her. The phone he's been working on belongs to that person.Aria and Holden seem to be hitting it off.Caleb knocks on the door at Jenna's place. Nobody answers, but Garrett pulls up and asks him what he's up to. Garrett warns him he'll need to be much scarier if he wants to get Jenna to take him seriously.Spencer drops by to see Hanna. She says they acted in desperation. Spencer gets emotional, saying A has taken everything from her. Hanna embraces her.Aria notices a big-time bruise on Holden's hip. He makes her promise not to say anything about it.Hanna tells Spencer she saw Alison with a dark wig (like in the ID) two years ago. She flashes back to getting her hair done and seeing Alison in another chair. Alison tells her she's pretending to be someone else "because I'm bored." Spencer goes the ID and looks up Alison's alias, Vivian Darkbloom. It's an anagram of the author of Lolita. Hanna actually has Alison's copy of the book and inside Spencer finds a dry cleaner claim ticket.Emily drops by Maya's place. She tells her she was bothered by her being with the guy and Maya admits she's still mad at Pam. Maya shows her she's designed a room to look like water. They exchange I love yous and fall into bed.Spencer calls about the ticket. The guy at the store still has the item, and callsAt school Hanna finds out that somebody sent a picture of Kate topless in the locker to everybody in her address book, from her, with a nasty message. The girls realize it must have been A.

Directed by Wendey Stanzler  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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