I'm Your Puppet

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2013, 45 min.

Synopsis Open with the girls visiting Spencer at the sanitarium. They tell her that a body has been found in the woods, but it is not Toby. Spencer isn't convinced but Hanna is adamant her friend needs to get out of there.Hanna tells Emily she's freaked out about Wilden. Both Emily and Pam are getting frustrated with their messy guest. Pam promises Emily she'll keep her informed when she learns anything new at work.Ari and Ezra have lunch and talk about their future. He doesn't think anything needs to change. Maggie calls and there appears to be another conflict with picking Malcolm up from karate class. Maggie still isn't sure about Aria, but Ezra can't blow off this second interview.Caleb tells Hanna his father wants to take them out for a nice dinner.Emily is still getting texts from Shauna. The girls think they need to find a way to prove to Spencer the body isn't Toby and there is discussion of going to the morge and getting a picture.Wren drops by to see Spencer. He tells her the game she's playing is one Mona was "obsessed with."Ella tells Hanna she's having trouble reaching Ashley about a "delicate issue." It has to do with Jamie. The church was removed for repair and replaced with one of significantly lesser value. The difference is about $8,000.Spencer finds notes on the game that appear to have been written by Mona. They point her to a window with a broken lock.At dinner Jamie gives Hanna an angel necklace. He gets a call from Ted and steps away from the table.Spencer tells her mother she's not ready to come home. Veronica tells Spencer the last person she saw cling to a secret as hard as she appears to be was Alison. This leads to a flashback of Alison coming home to the Hastings' with blood on her face after going back to her house at 3am. A tears Alison makes Veronica promise not to say anything. In present day Veronica tells Spencer she told the police about what happened. She asks her daughter "was Toby not the person we thought he was?Jamie comes back to the table and tells them he's been fired because of what happened with the bell. He needs to leave to go sort it out.Hanna, Emily and Aria don their candy striper uniforms to try and sneak into the morgue. Emily and Hanna find the John Doe bodybag and start to unzip. In the hallway Aria hears the elevator. The body has a mask covering the face, but it isn't Toby. Hearing something in the hall they quickly zip the bag back up, but don't put the mask back in place.Spencer mentions to Eddie that Wren told her Mona was obsessed with the game. He seems evasive and she asks if Wren was behind the issues with the passes. Eddie says the minute Wren arrived to see Mona he knew it wasn't for the right reasons. We see that Spencer has not been taking her pills, instead hiding them in a bag underneath her pillow.Caleb tells Hanna his father is "screwed." Hanna seems quiet and Caleb notices. She tells him about the five-dollar bill and the collection box.Aria arrives to pick up Malcolm. She's told that someone named Aria already picked him up. In Malcolm's cubby is a carnival poster with the letter A circled.We see a shot of the carnival. Malcolm is sitting next to someone with a gloved hand.Aria goes to the carnival and runs into Ella. Aria rushes through the crowd looking for him.Wren and Eddie discuss a past problem of some kind.Jamie drops by Hanna's place. Caleb challenges him stealing from the church, saying he's woken up. Jamie wonders if the reason he's forgiven his mother is because she got him a car. Jamie blows up at him about his childhood of foster car. Jamie leaves.Aria calls Emily wondering if she should call the police. Emily tells her to walk to the station and report Malcolm as missing. She's going to meet him there. Aria pops into a tent and finds Malcolm sitting by himself waiting for another show. He tells her that one of her friends named Alison picked him up from karate.Aria sends Emily a text that Malcolm's fine as she walks into the station. Pam is upset that Emily is there, thinking she's there about Spencer. Emily wonders why she's being made to stay late and sees that her mother is holding a file with "Missing Persons" on the side.Spencer follows instructions written on the game and ends up running into a vision of Alison. Alison puts on some music and they start to dance. Spencer tells her she hasn't slept in three days and is looking for something. Alison tells her she's headed in the right direction. Spencer walks into another room and toy rocking horse. Inside are guest passes for n Ali Dee and CeCe Drake. Wren walks in and asks her what she's doing.Aria waits for Ezra. He tells her that she is Malcolm's new hero because he had such a great time. Maggie passed along her thanks but Aria says she doesn't think she can do "this" anymore. With a child in play she doesn't want anybody to get hurt. Aria leaves and Ezra assures her things will look different in the morning.Spencer tells Wren that Mona kept "souvenirs" and calls him out for helping Mona break the rules. He says CeCe called him, desperate to see Mona because she thought she could help Mona. It comes out that Alison had pulled a stunt with got CeCe kicked out of school.Palm returns home. She takes Emily's phone from her and says they've just found another body with no identification. Because of "significant trauma" to the body they can't be sure whether or not the body is Toby's.Caleb tells Hanna he feels stupid for trusting his father. He walks away and Hanna hears the church bell. She then gets a text from A: "Hear that? It's the sound of your mistake. When you want the bell back, gimme a ring!" Caleb walks back into the room and looks at her phone.Hanna tells Aria that A was likely framing Jamie the entire time, perhaps starting with the collection box. Emily storms through the door and tells the girls another body has been found in the woods exactly where Spencer said she found Toby, and her purse was nearby.Spencer stares at two tickets to "Faust" and hears Mona's voice in her head talking about all that's happened since she turned her down. Spencer's voice says "I'm in."

Directed by Oliver Goldstick  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, more...

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