I'm a Good Girl, I Am

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2015, 42 min.

Synopsis We open at the beginning of the second month of Alison's trial. Leslie Stone is called as a "surprise witness." She testifies that Mona wrote her a card detailing being threatened by Alison. She then testifies the girls stopped her from going to Mona's room, including specifically calling out Hanna for "stalking her."Spencer runs into Toby into the hall of the court and they have a brief, awkward conversation.The girls update Alison and Hanna. They don't think Leslie is a pawn for A. Alison mentions that she thinks somebody might have seen her at the playground on Thanksgiving. Alison heard a noise that day, but ran off because she was worried it might have been A.Aria tells Mike that he might get called in to testify. He wants to do it, but Aria reminds him that if it becomes public who Mona was helping it could hurt them all. She advises him to stick to three answers: "Yes," "No," and "I don't remember."Toby is being shut out of doing real police work.Aria and Mike get what looks like a cow tongue in the mail. She tells Ezra about it and he thinks she should go to the cops. He ultimately agrees to help her and take Mike to his cabin.Spencer and Emily go to the playground. They spot a guy named Matt from a church youth group cleaning up the place. He tells them about a homeless program they have.Andrew is a little weird when Aria tells him she's getting help from Ezra.Caleb and Hanna meet in jail. They argue over whether Mike should testify, with Hanna worried that he's too young to face A's wrath.In the hall Spencer and Emily spot a girl named Kendra from the youth group. They asks her aboutAt home Ella tells Aria that Kendra was high that night and hid at the playground before going home. She didn't say anything about seeing anybody that night. Ella promised her that she would keep the secret.Caleb waits for Ezra and Mike at the cabin. He wants to take Mike with him to Scranton. Mike wants to do "the right thing." They ask Mike to leave the room and Ezra wonders whether Caleb cares what happens to the kid after he testifies. While they talk they hear one of the cars start up.Alison and Hanna hurt themselves in order to be taken to the infirmary. Their attorney meets them there and makes it clear she's getting frustrated.Ezra and Mike find both cars still there, with an arrow into the windshield of one. They look for Mike while somebody shoots arrows at them.One the advice of Ella, Kendra decides to drop by Spencer's place. They call Allison's attorney who stops by and questions her. She doesn't think putting Kendra on the stand makes sense since she was high that night. Spencer and Emily strongly disagree.Toby tells Spencer that he's going to tell Tanner if she's not okay with him being with Spencer he's going to leave the force. They kiss.Mike is alone in the woods. Someone sprays him with what appears to be pepper spray, ties him up and then knocks him unconscious. The guys find him, take a few pictures and then free him.Alison is put on the stand. The attorney makes the point that Alison wasn't capable of throwing somebody around because she has old elbow fracture that never healed.Tanner is suspicious about the information Ezra and Caleb bring her regarding Mike's attack.On cross-examination it is pointed out that Alison was an expert archer in a summer camp. During the question A sends the girls a text: "Bullseye, bitches."Tanner tells Toby it is too later for him to help Spencer and her friends as "they chose to help the wrong person."In the hall Alison sadly tells her lawyer that she never even won the archery competition. She and a friend had rigged it.During deliberation Aria sees Andrew, who didn't answer his phone the night before. On his yearbook page she sees that he was an "award-winning pathfinder scout."The verdict comes down. Alison is found guilty of first-degree murder. We see Emily, Spencer and Aria fingerprinted and placed in jail.

Directed by Oliver Goldstick  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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