The Silence of E. Lamb

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2014, 43 min.

Synopsis Open with Pam in school to meet with one of Emily's teachers. She tells Emily to invite Alison and the rest of the girls over for dinner that night.Emily tells the girls and several of them are suspicious that A could be involved. They ultimately decide they'll do it, but Hanna points out that Alison seems to be the one who made the decision. Alison asks Emily to walk her home; she's worried about the bruises on her neck showing. Sidney was in one of the stalls and heard the conversation.Later Sidney tells Emily about the rat in Paige's locker. Emily asks Mona, who plays dumb. Emily notices that Mona has a folder with Noel's name on it.Hanna spots Caleb, who is at school for his exit exams. He notices she's stressed and Hanna tells him about the dinner at Emily's place. He thinks she should cut off Alison but she says it's not that simple.At Radley Eddie introduces himself to new volunteer Aria. He clearly recognizes her but can't place it.Alison and Caleb talk in the testing room. They have a passive aggressive conversation about her being "in a box" and the destruction she causes among her friends.Aria helps with one of the art classes at Radley. One of the pictures is Bethany's portrait of Mrs. DiLaurentis. A patient named Rhonda spots it and starts saying the word "thief." The teacher tells Aria that Rhonda was Bethany's roommate.Melissa shows up to try and convince their mother to give Peter another shot. She tells Spencer their dad isn't doing well. It sounds like Peter is going to sell the house. Melissa says she was cleaning out the barn and Spencer sees she has a dead rat in her bag.Hanna is upset with Caleb because he spoke to Alison and pissed her off. He tells her blew off his tests. She's pissed at his life choices and tells him to leave.Spencer shows up at Ezra's place to help go through his files and clean things up. They talk about Eddie, who Spencer doesn't think will help them since it will be bad for his career. Spencer asks to borrow one of his cameras.Emily sees Mona watching as Toby's house is torn down. Emily mentions the rat in Paige's locker and once again Mona says it wasn't her.Spencer and Ezra finish up and she thanks him for helping them on the roof. He tells her the shame is that he didn't write the book he wanted to write. Ezra really wanted to write about his family and admits he made things worse. She tells him she wants the camera for her sister and he suggests they walk away. She can't.Rhonda confronts Aria about the painting, which she said was ripped out her book. Bethany gave it to her. Aria gives it back. She calls Aria a thief again just as Eddie walks in the room, but doesn't tell him why. Aria texts Emily that things "just got interesting" and she'll be late for dinner.Emily is upset with Hanna for trying to bail on dinner. As of now the dinner will be just her, Pam and Alison. Hanna says she'll be there.Aria looks through Ronda's room and ends up stuck under the bed when she returns from her shower. She sees a folder with "Bethany" written on it under the bed.At Emily's place Hanna assures Alison that Caleb won't make any trouble. She's not sure and suggests that Hanna "cool it" with Caleb. Hanna eyes a bottle of liquor.Eddie stops Aria as she leaves Radley for the night. He seems to know something's up. After Aria pulls away Eddie places a call to Ezra.During dinner a slightly drunken Hanna antagonizes Alison as she tells some of her story. Alison helps Pam clear the dishes and Emily calls Hanna out on her drinking.Spencer tells Aria she shouldn't go back to Radley. They look through Bethany's drawings and find one that looks like a woman falling out a window at Radley. They wonder if it was Toby's mother. They see pictures of Mrs. DiLaurentis with devil horns and "liar" written on her face. She'd been on the Radley board at the time.Emily's angry with Hanna and asks her to leave. Hanna doesn't think Pam bought any of Alison's story.Hanna runs into Sidney at the coffee shop. She can tell Hanna is drunk and asks her to stick around and share a coffee.Melissa tells Spencer their mother has no interest in returning the relationship with Peter. Spencer tells her what's going in is all about Alison, Bethany and what really happened to them. Melissa agrees with her, but thinks part of what is happening with their parents is related to love.Later that night Spencer checks her hidden camera. She sees Melissa go into the barn and turn off the night.Sidney asks Hanna about the explosion and she asks about Jenna. Hanna talks about Jenna.Before bed Emily asks her mother why she wanted to have Alison over. Emily tells Pam she's "working on it" with Alison. Pam says Alison's kidnapping story has some "problems." She tells her daughter it's not her job to keep saving Alison.Caleb arrives at the coffee shop. They talk about the past and she asks him about getting back together. They kiss.As she watches her hidden cameras, Spencer sees Alison out by her barn.Emily calls Paige to express sympathy for the rat incident.Spencer sends out an "SOS" text to Aria. As Aria walks out the door Ezra arrives and tells her Eddie called him to set up a meeting that he never showed up for.Aria, Emily and Spencer watch the footage of Alison, who is wearing different clothes. They all get a text from A just as Hanna walks in the door. Hanna says she hasn't gotten the text. They show it to her: "New York, New York, it's a hell over a town. Ali's keeping secrets, maybe that's because of Hanna's big mouth."

Directed by Joshua Butler  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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