Whirly Girly

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis We open with the girls returning to Rosewood. The plan is to go to the police station and tell them everything, but Alison is nervous.The girls walk into the station and present themselves to Holbrook. Alison tells him she was kidnapped and held hostage for two years. She credits the girls (who look confused) with saving her life. Alison talks about getting away from her kidnapper and having the girls save her. She tells a story that seems to have some holes in it. Alison's dad arrives and the rest of the girls talk about not expecting this story.Spencer's mother is furious that she didn't tell her Alison was alive for a full month. She tells her Melissa returned from London with "attitude and secrets."Hanna's mother can't believe she kept this huge secret from her.Mike overhears Aria calling the hospital to ask about Ezra's health. She nearly slips and admits to having been in New York.Emily talks to her mother on the phone. Spencer shows up and is furious that they're back on "planet Alison." Emily defends Alison, speculating that maybe she went rogue at the station to protect her mother. They look over and see that Jason has just cleaned the inside of his car. They walk over there and Alison throws them her phone. Somebody has just sent her a text that "The truth will bury you in a New York minute."Alison asks her father about her mother. He has been trying to reach her and is worried. He vows to try and help her forget her lost years. He shows her a picture he'd been holding onto. He also tells her they are getting a divorce.Aria wakes up from a dream about Shauna where she hears strange music and looks out her window. Hanna calls and tells her about the text Alison got on her phone. She received the message at the station, which is why she lied to Holbrook.Mr. DiLaurentis stops by Hanna's place and tells Ashley he needs help. He asks Ashley to help him find her.Alison asks Jason why he hasn't asked her any questions. He tells her when they're mother found out she was "stunned." A woman from the shelter arrives with a dog that their mother had requested. Jason thinks it's a bad idea but Alison keeps the dog.Mike tells Mona he misses her.Spencer goes through Jason's trash and finds a bag from New York City. Emily wonders if perhaps Jason has been tracking them the whole time. They suggest he might have sent the text to cover for Mrs. DiLaurentis.While searching the internet for info on Shauna, Aria hears the song from her dream on her iPod. She begins to panic.Spencer and Emily show Alison the bag they found. She tells them Jason watched her sleep the night before. They talk about who might have hit Alison with the rock and the fact they've all been framed.Ashley tells Hanna she is debating whether or not to look through Jessica's emails to help Ken find her.Toby drops by to see Spencer. He went to London to try and get some information from Melissa.Aria is furious with Emily for keeping Alison's text from her. Aria is freaking out and not dealing very well with what happened with Shauna. Emily assures her she did nothing wrong.Ashley walks away from her laptop and Hanna takes a look. She sees a mysterious email from Jessica that reads "I can't protect your anymore."Spencer and Toby fool around. Spencer whispers to him that the next time he goes to London he should take her with him.Jason and Ken argue over Jessica's disappearance. He thinks Jason knows where she is. Emily comes in with Alison's dog. Ken had no idea the dog existed.Aria comes home to find Mike and Mona hanging out on the couch. Mike tells her he had borrowed her iPod and put some music on it he needed for school. When Mike leaves the room Aria reminds Mona she has some secrets to protect. Mona responds by bringing up Ezra.Ken invites Emily and Hanna to stay for dinner. Hanna says they can't and hustles her out of there. In the car Emily tells her Ken thinks Jason is hiding Jessica in Philly. Hanna shows her the email from Jessica, which was sent the night she left town. Jason knocks on the window and tells them to stay out of places where they don't belong. He drives off and Emily tells Hanna they should follow him.They follow Jason to a building on the sketchy side of town. They see him leave but are unable to learn anything else when a bum chases them off.While in bed with Toby, Spencer is ignoring repeated phone calls. Toby asks what's going on but she doesn't say much.Alison goes to the place where she was supposedly buried. Mona arrives and Alison tells her she doesn't want to be the person she used to be. A weepy Alison tells Mona she needs her as a friend. Mona admits to having sent the text and says "I don't have to hide, you do. And you're going to wish you stayed dead."A freaked-out Aria tells Hanna and Emily she's worried somebody knows what she did in New York. Emily thinks once the police are onto Jason and his mother they'll be able to tell the truth.Spencer goes to Alison's place and finds Jason sitting in the dark waiting for her. She asks if he was in New York. He doesn't answer, but says he thinks his father is going to rat him out for being the one who kidnapped Alison. Suddenly Alison's dog starts barking, which brings Hanna, Aria and Aria out to take a look. There is an arm sticking out from the ground. It's Jessica DiLaurentis.

Directed by Joanna Kerns  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, more...

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