Out Damned Spot

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2015, 43 min.

Synopsis We open at a blood drive Ashley's helped organize. A member of the church shows up and hints that the reason her fellow parishioners aren't there is related to Ashley and the pastor. Mike is there, and he is spotted near an open refrigerator of blood samples.The girls wonder about Mike's motives and Aria is getting defensive about the assumptions being made about her brother.Hanna tells Spencer she's not sure she'll be able to afford college. The issue is that the colleges aren't offering financial aide because they think Hanna's father can afford it.One of Aria's classmates notices her copying off his work. She tells him she's panicking because she needs to make honor roll to keep her admission at Savannah. He threatens not to expose her if she lets him tutor him. (Uh oh.)Emily and Talia's relationship seems to be progressing nicely.Ashley tells Hanna she told Ted what happened. He is thinking on it, but "couldn't even look" at Ashley. Hanna decides not to bring up the situation with financial aid.Johnny invites Spencer to help him paint a mural, followed by dinner. During the job he tells Spencer he's recently broken up with his girlfriend. There is a flirty vibe to the whole thing.Alison calls Mike's phone using the name Hank Mahoney. He won't tell her anything.Ashley tells Hanna her father's financial commitment was finalized in the divorce. Hanna wants to ask, but Ashley thinks going to him won't solve the problem.Emily mentions to Ezra that Aria got into Savannah. He clearly didn't know. He mentions that Talia is married. She clearly didn't know.Spencer and Johnny come very close to kissing.We see Mike IMing with a Hank Mahoney. In reference to a meeting the following day he writes that "she told me what to bring" We see Mike is hiding blood in his fridge.It turns out the mural Johnny told Spencer he was hired to pain was actually vandalism. She's furious.Hanna shows up at her father's work unannounced.Emily spots Mike making a large ATM withdrawal. He leaves his transaction slip and she sees his checking account balance is more than 18 thousand. She goes to Aria's during the tutoring session with Andrew. They wonder about Mike and Alison's connection just as Mike leaves with the car.Tom tells Hanna he can't pay for her school, in part because he's already agreed to pay for Kate's college. She storms out angrily.Spencer sends Melissa an email asking if Wren has a college contact she could use.Andrew agrees to drive Aria and Emily as they tail Mike. They end up at a diner where Mike meets with "Hank," who turns out to be Cyrus, Alison's "fake kidnapper."Hanna confides in Ezra about the issues with her father. Ezra tells her the story of working his way through college.Spencer arrives at the diner and the girls fill her in. They assume he's there on an errand for Alison. They realize the envelope Mike brought didn't contain the $400 Mike took out of the ATM. Cyrus then corners the three of them. The girls ask for their blood back, just as Andrew shows up with a baseball bat. Cyrus drives off.Hanna is considering entering a beauty pageant to raise some money. Ashley tells Hanna she doesn't expect Ted to call, but Hanna talks her into reaching out.Spencer and Johnny have a friendly make up.Talia tells Emily her marriage isn't romantic and that her husband knows she's a lesbian. She's still with him because he's her best friend. Emily says she has secrets as well.Hanna is filled in about Mike and the blood. They realize A can now frame them at any point. Mike is watching them through the window.

Directed by Nzingha Stewart  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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