EscApe from New York

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis We open with Ezra being loaded into an ambulance. The other girls stop Aria from running to him since it will lead to questions. From a balcony Alison sees somebody in all black riding on top of the ambulance. We see Ezra arrive at the hospital and see the person in black is there watching.Later that night Alison and the girls talk. Hanna makes an anonymous call to the police and says they should send an officer to the hospital to protect Ezra. The girls split up, with Alison and Aria going together. Hanna gives them the gun.At home Spencer's family talks about what's happened. Melissa and Veronica wonder how long Spencer's known that Alison was alive. Melissa can't believe Alison would let her friends and family think she was dead. She tells Veronica "Mom, there's something you need to know" just as the police arrive at the front door.Alison tells Aria she thinks Ezra was following A. She thinks Ezra was trying to get back together with Aria.Holbrook tells the Hastings that CeCe escaped custody. Since she knows Alison is alive and the girls' role in what's happening, this means Spencer could be in danger. He asks the family if there's anything else he should know. Peter says no.Mona watches a news report that police are looking for the girls, along with Alison. She tells somebody we can't see: "This changes everything."We watch the doctors operate on Ezra. It doesn't seem to be going well and his life is clearly in jeopardy.Spencer, Hanna and Emily arrive at the hospital and go the waiting room. A few minutes later we see Emily and Alison rush up to a nurse's station and ask where Ezra is being held. The mysterious person in dark is watching the three girls in the waiting room. He or she sends a group text reading: "It's happening. Follow the leader." Emily tells Alison to leave. The hooded figure goes into an elevator to follow Alison and the three girls are right behind. Aria stays at the hospital alone.Alison leads the hooded figure to a playground. IT sneaks up behind Alison and whispers "Wanna play?" At this point the other three girls show up and Alison pepper sprays the person. But suddenly dozens of other hooded people arrive and start circling the four girls. Only a passing police car chases them off.Aria hears the doctor call Ezra's mother and tell her that he survived surgery.Mona speaks with Lucas and tells him "they're in New York." He's irritated there aren't more people there.Melissa tells Peter she wants to tell Holbrook the truth. He responds that Veronica can never know what she told him.Holbrook gets a call from the NYPD, who has information about a shooting which may interest him. Holbrook jumps online and starts looking at Ezra's records.Aria updates the girls on Ezra. Since his mother's out of town she's the only one there for him. He won't be awake for hours. The girls think Alison is now the target if A can't get to Ezra. Alison has an idea. Alison brings the girls to a theater Ezra had taken her to.We flash back to when Ezra first showed her the theater. She talked about wanting to be an actress. A security guard called him Mr. Fitzgerald which was when Alison realized Ezra was rich. The theater doesn't open until noon the next day so they should be safe there. Alison excuses herself to call a few friends and tell them she's okay. Hanna follows Allison to try and listen.Shauna arrives at the hospital waiting room. She says Alison sent her there to make sure Aria was okay, but Aria doesn't like it.Later that night as Alison sleeps the other three talk about the potential of having a life without A.Aria falls asleep in her chair.Somebody enters the theater while the four girls sleep. A gloved hand is placed over her mouth. It turns out to be CeCe, who says she needs help.Holbrook looks into Ezra's background and finds out who he is.Alison meets CeCe at a diner. She appears to be leaving the country.Aria wakes up and is told Ezra is in recovery. She finds Shauna standing at his bedside. Ezra opens his eyes and his vitals begin to plummet.Alison returns to the theater and finds Emily awake. She tells her that there are some things she doesn't need to know about. Emily isn't satisfied.Mona meets with a group of people that now includes Paige. The group has one thing in common: Alison mistreated them. Paige tries to leave and Mona warns "I can't protect you if you're not a part of this." Melissa walks in, seemingly in charge of the operation.Alison tells Emily that Ezra was paying CeCe for information. CeCe was never redcoat and in fact helped her save Emily's life. CeCe is leaving the country using her passport.Holbrook finds the Fitzgerald Theater online. He calls the main number and Alison answers. She hangs up and we see Holbrook call the NYPD and advise them to send an officer. Aria tries to call the girls but they're now to scared to answer the phone.Aria returns to Ezra's side and takes his hand. He whispers something to her and she rushes out to the waiting room.The girls realize they need to leave and gather their stuff to find a cab. Suddenly the house lights come on and Shauna arrives holding a gun. Shauna says she found out who Alison really was when she was sent to Rosewood to ask questions. Shauna says she's there for justice. Aria sneaks up behind her and ends up knocking her down into the orchestra pit. Blood pools from Shauna's head. She's dead. The girls assure Aria that she did what she had to do. They all believe it's finally over. Spencer calls to report an accident.We see CeCe go through customs at the airport.

Directed by Norman Buckley  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, more...

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