Close Encounters

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis Open with the girls on their way to the Busy Bee Inn following the text from A. Inside they find signs of a struggle and a broken window. There is a piece of torn clothing on the ground. On the wall A has scratched a message: "You're too late."Emily goes to church to drop something off for her mother.Spencer answers the door at Toby's and finds her father, there to see Toby. She says she won't leave unless he tells her mother what's going on with Jessica DiLaurentis. He tells Spencer that Jason has fallen off the wagon and that's what the two have been discussing.Aria tells Ezra that Hanna hasn't been doing well. He says he's going to Philly to meet a buddy. While they talk a text from Jake pops up on her phone. It gets slightly awkward but she tells him she's going to break things off with Jake.Hanna is going through her closet, throwing away stuff. Spencer asks if she wants to talks about how she's feeling but Hanna declines.Shaun approaches Emily in the church. She says she has a message from Alison. She says Alison wants the girls to stop looking for her. Emily's not buying and wants Shauna to prove she's actually talking to Alison.Peter tells Toby that Radley have offered a family settlement. This means giving up on attempting to shut the facility down. Peter doesn't think they have a good enough case. Toby's father has agreed, but Toby needs to sign off on the deal as well.Aria tells Jake she's back with Ezra. She offers to be friends but he says he'll need time.Spencer points out to Toby that the agreement contains a gag order. He won't be able to publically discuss what happened to his mother. She also isn't sure she buys her father's claim that there isn't a good case and makes he sure he's fully informed before signing.The girls discuss the likelihood of Shauna telling the truth about Alison. They think it's possible Shauna is working on behalf of A and is trying to get them to stop looking for Alison.Travis drops by Hanna's to check in on her. Hanna tells him she's doing great.Shauna is able to confirm for Emily that Alison is alive for relying a private conversation they had. Shauna says Alison wants to meet her that night and Emily is supposed to come alone.While playing pool Travis and Hanna begin to flirt.Emily tells Spencer about Shauna's confirmation. She even checked out her story that she grew up near Alison's grandparents. Spencer doesn't think Emily should go to the meeting alone.Aria comes home and finds a gift from Jake on the table. It's a piece of personalized jewelry from a store in Harrisburg.Spencer asks her father about the settlement. She thinks it's weird for him to back off a case so quickly and he tells her to leave him alone.Jake sees Ezra screaming at a woman in a car.Hanna gives Travis a kiss. He thinks they should give it a little more time, but she moves in and they make out. Ashley comes home and surprises them. She takes Hanna to the next room and asks what is going on. She thinks Hanna is throwing herself at a new guy to get over Caleb.Spencer looks through her father's briefcase. She sees on a paper that Jessica is one of the trustees at Radley. Spencer confronts her father about this fact and asks if that's the reason he's pushing for a settlement. He leaves to pick up her mother and she calls Toby. She tells him not to sign the agreement.Ashley comes into Hanna's room and tells her she wants to take her out.Aria tries to return the gift to Jake. He turns her down, then mentions what he saw with Ezra. Ezra had told Aria he would be in Philly all day.Ashley takes Hanna to a place where you can throw plates against a wall. It seems to help lighten Hanna's mood.Aria mentions to Ezra what she heard from Jake. She asks him if he even went to Philly and he admits his lie. The woman was Maggie's lawyer. She is trying to prevent him from seeing Malcolm. Ezra said he lied because he didn't want to upset her. Ezra assures her that he wasn't violent and apologizes for not being honest.Shauna drops Emily off at the location and suddenly drives away. She walks inside the building and comes face-to-face with Alison. The two weep and embrace each other. Emily wants them to go to the police, but Alison says she isn't sure she can trust the other girls. Alison isn't sure who she's hiding from and wants Emily to help her find A. They hear something in the background and a terrified Alison asks if Emily told anyone. Alison gets scared and runs off. It was Spencer and Emily yells at her for following her. Spencer apologizes but says she thinks Alison is trying to split them apart. Emily is beside herself.Toby is waiting for Emily. He's signed the agreement and thinks it was the best thing for his family. He wants to let it go and tell Spencer that "it's over." He leaves the room and she cries.Hanna calls Caleb and tells him that the past year was the best of her life.During a training session Jake kicks a heavy bag and finds his foot is cut. Somebody had planted shards of glass under a piece of tape.

Directed by Arthur Anderson  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, Laura Leighton, more...

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