Someone to Watch Over Me

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Open with Spencer finding out she's been served with a search warrant. While she freaks out we get a strange shot of Ian taking a swig of milk and glaring at Spencer.Aria finds out her mother stayed the night. Byron gets caught in a lie about it and both he and Ella tell her "it just sort of happened." They tell Aria and Mike they're thinking about "trying something."Hanna finds out about the search warrant while cooking with Caleb. While putting Caleb's lunch in his bag she notices a piece of pendent jewelry she thinks is for her.Hanna shows a picture of the jewelry (an owl) to Emily and Aria. She thinks it is a reference to their night in the woods. The girls see Sean chatting it up with Paige. Spencer sits down and tells them about the search. She says there is a chance it could happen to the three of them.Aria tries to send a mushy text to Ezra. But she accidentally sends it to her mother who looks happily curious about whom her daughter's love interest might be.Sean tells Emily he's interested in Paige. Emily says she doesn't have any information for him.During a free period Ella shows Aria the text. She's not upset, but wants to know who the new boy might be. A stammering Aria tells her it's "private, right now" and that seems to be okay.Aria takes some "Ezra things" out of her room.While Spencer sits deleting emails from her laptop Toby shows up and tells her there's an undercover cop car across the street. She tells him about the search and the fact she's a "person of interest." He suggests she take the cops some coffee to show them she's no afraid. She thinks she is pretty suspicious to the cops right now and he points out they are in the same boat.Emily and Paige discuss Sean. She is going with him to the lake with a group of people.Ella tells Byron about Aria's secret romance. He doesn't have as much of a hand's off view of the situation as she does.Aria gives the Emily stuff to Emily to keep in her locker. The two overhear Caleb on the phone telling someone about Hanna that "it's different now. I don't think she's who you say she is."The girls tell Hanna they think Caleb was talking to another girl. Hanna is in full denial mode, saying "you heard wrong." Jenna walks by wearing the owl pendant from Caleb's bag around her neck.Emily overhears Paige bragging about Sean to another girl.Just as Spencer is about to confront Jenna she sees her take the owl off her neck and take off its head. It's really a flash drive.Hanna still doesn't think the Caleb/Jenna thing is what it looks like.After putting a note in his locker she tries 214 on his combination. It opens the lock right up.Hanna confronts Caleb, who says Jenna offered him money to listen to her. He says his feelings for her changed everything but Hanna is still pissed he was spying on her. He grabs his bag and leaves her house.Spencer tells Toby about Hanna, Caleb and Jenna. He feels somewhat responsible. She tells a story about running away when she was younger. It came after a fight with her sister and after she returned a few hours later her parents had no clue she'd been gone. Byron picks up a book in Aria's room. Ella walks in and confronts him about prying and points out that she may have learned it from them. This leads to an argument that Mike walks in on.No one has heard from Hanna. Aria wonders if she should pick a boy out at random so her parents will stop asking questions.Hanna shows up at school and tells Emily and Aria that "it's all true." Jenna walks into the bathroom. Hanna slaps her in the face, knocking her glasses onto the floor. She hands back the glasses and identifies herself.Mike is blaming Aria for their parents fighting. He wants her to make it better, even if that means lying to them. Downstairs Byron tells them Ella isn't shoing up for the big dinner the kids made.Spencer comes at night to find Ian sitting alone in the dark with a cocktail. She thinks he wants her to run away and he says only that she should take the help that's offered: "Because when they arrest you, it'll be too late."Paige stops by at Emily's place after her date with Sean. He kissed her tonight and she realized the night was a sham. Paige is looking for advice about coming out, worried the world will change if she admits who she is. This leads to them kissing.Ashley overhears Hanna crying and mentions through the door that Caleb's stuff is gone. He's left.Spencer's mom says they have a shot at having the search warrant thrown out. But she adds a police source of her says there were some fibers in her bracelet that match Alison's sweater. Her mother thinks someone is trying to set her up and Spencer seems relieved she is supporting her.

Directed by Arlene Sanford  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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