Je Suis Une Amie

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2010, 60 min.

Synopsis Open with a mailbox being smashed.Byron tells Aria he can't have dinner with them that night and gives some lame excuse. He has her get something from his jacket and she finds Ella's ticket to the museum opening. He says the ticket was her mother's and tells her a jumbled version of the night he drove to her to Philly.Spencer looks out the window and sees that Toby's mailbox was the one smashed. Spencer apologizes to Emily for how she treated Toby. Emily thinks she should apologize to Toby.Someone's been stealing food from the vending machines and sneaking out of the school late at night. Aria tells Hanna about the ticket she found. She things it's weird her mother had a ticket to same show but Hanna tells her not to worry about it.Hanna tells Caleb to make sure he doesn't tell anyone about what he did to Ella's car. He thinks she owes him for keeping quiet. He leaves and she gets a text from A: "Caleb's quiet, but how R U gonna shut ME up."Emily and Paige finish in a dead-heat during a race in practice. This means there will have to be a run-off the following morning to figure out who will be the anchor for the next race. Paige is still super-focused on winning above all else.Aria talks to her mother about the ticket and her Philly trip. She admits she didn't' actually go the show, but instead had dinner with "a friend."Calebe tells Hanna he needs her help finding new clients with money to spend.Emily tells Spencer about the swim-off. Spencer convinces that it's okay to want to win. Spencer sees a sign for tutoring Toby in French. Emily thinks it's a bad idea, but Spencer thinks it could be a good opportunity to find out if the person who gave her name to the bracelet woman is the same one who framed him.Spencer tells Ian she's going to miss practice to tutor and it leads to an argument. He wants her to cut him some slack. Melissa shows up and Spencer tells them about working with Toby. They hate the idea and Spencer makes a crack about Ian's history of lying.Spencer shows up at Toby's place. The sit on the porch and he asks her why she's there.Aria continues to worry about how close she came to being busted at the museum by her mother. Hanna continues to say it's a coincidence she shouldn't worry about. Aria hears Byron make plans to go out. He tells her it wasn't her mother but Aria isn't sure and tells Hanna they have to follow him.Spencer remembers that Toby has read Catcher in the Rye and gives him a French version of the book to help with his studies. He thinks she must want something or she wouldn't be there. She thinks he is being framed and is worried the same thing is happening to her. She apologizes for what she thought about him. Toby says after giving Alison the sweater she got into a car with "some guy." They notice something in a window and he quickly goes inside.Spencer tells Emily she finds Toby "different" than she expected. Spencer is trying to find a connection between Toby and Alison or Toby and her.Aria and Hanna tail Byron to the school. Hanna suggests she call her mother and we see that Ella is, in fact, at the school having a secret rendezvous with Byron. Aria doesn't believe her mother's story that she it at home and walks towards the school. Hanna follows.Inside in the library we hear that Byron and Ella are keeping their new connection a secret because they themselves aren't sure what is happening. Aria spots them in the library and realizes "my parents are having an affair with each other." Hanna looks in vent and finds a bunch of cell phones, some cash and a few other supplies. She shows Aria and thinks it must be A's stuff. Hanna grabs the cash. We see that someone is watching them and a hooded figure begins chasing them. Eventually Hanna sprays the person with mace and it turns out to be Caleb.Caleb has no place to crash and has been living at school. His foster parents don't care and his social worker "is a joke."Emily gets a text that alarms her. She goes to the front door and sees a soaked Paige standing in the pouring rain. She is crying and tells Emily she understands why Emily might hate her and apologizes. Emily tries to stop her but she gets on her bike and leaves.The next day the coach tells them there will be no swim-off because Paige "had an accident while riding her bike last night."Caleb exchanges info about potential clients for answering questions about his past. He stops short of talking about his real parents.The swim meet begins. Outside the pool Melissa asks Spencer what he problem is with Ian. Melissa says it was her who proposed and wanted to elope. Spencer tells her to ask him about Alison and the summer she was killed. Paige shows up at the meet and watches Emily come from behind to win the relay.Aria gets a text from A that reads: "Almost got you busted. Wanna know how? Ask Hanna!"Hanna finds Caleb fishing his stuff out of a trash can. He tells her the debt is paid and she offers a place to stay. He passes but she gives him her address and tells him there's an old couch in the basement. Aria comes over and shows Hanna the text from A. Hanna fesses up to what she did. Aria is furious and doesn't want to hear any excuses.Paige tells Emily she fell down on her bike and makes it sound like she might be finishes with the swim team. Emily tells her the key to avoid burnout is to swim for yourself. She asks Paige when the last she swam "for fun" was and the two jump in the pool and swim some laps.Spencer arrives at Toby's and he tells her "this isn't going to work." He gives her back the book she gave him and closes the door.We see Aria avoiding Hanna's calls and texts. A tearful Hanna tells Caleb what is going on and he comforts her.Melissa tells Spencer she knows about her and Ian. Spencer says she thinks he's dangerous and Melissa says she doesn't want to fight. Melissa reveals that she's pregnant. Spencer doesn't react and Melissa storms off. Spencer looks down at the book she got back from Toby. Inside is a piece of paper. On it is a Braille phrase, along with: "I found this in Jenna's rom. You may be right. --Toby."As the final credits roll we see a gloved figure listening to a record on learning to speak French. It begins skipping on the phrase "Je suis."

Directed by Chris Grismer  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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