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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2012, 43 min.

Synopsis We open with Hanna talking to her mother, who is out of town at a conference. Wilden drops by saying they want a sample of her blood.Hanna tells the girls she's worried it might really be her blood.At the grille they run into a girl who sounds just like her Alison. Her name is Cece, a friend of Alison's who dated Jason. She works at the boutique across the street. After she leaves they talk about how much she looks like Alison.Ella tells Aria she has a date.Spencer finds Cece in an old yearbook online. Toby arrives and asks her why she lied about somebody "hounding" Hanna at the church dance. She tells him she was with Jason looking into Garrett and the anklet. He reminds her that at one point she thought he was guilty and that evidence can be deceptive.Nate tells Emily he has a date coming up with Jenna. He mentions Jenna told him the two of them were good friends.Hanna comes home with Aria and finds an Ouija board on her kitchen counter. She grabs it and cuts herself. On the other side of the piece is a note that says "See how easy it is for me to get your blood?" Hanna begins to panic, telling Aria about playing Ouija with Mona the night they found Alison's body.We flashback to that night. Mona suggested they asks if Alison was coming back. The board tells them: "A-L-I-B-E" before Hanna thought she saw Alison outside.A flower pot crashes outside on the patio and Hanna tells Aria she's crashing with her that night.Spencer apologizes to Jason. He says it wasn't her fault. Jason is tired of looking for answers. He knows Cece is in town and tells her their relationship ended on a bad note.Emily helps Nate shop at Cece's boutique. Cece recognizes Emily as the one who had a crush on Alison. Emily is surprised by how much Nate is willing to spend on Jenna.Ella waits for her date at the coffee shop, shooting the breeze with Emily's boss. Her date Ted arrives and they go for ice cream.Aria goes to see Mona. She has to give her phone, purse and earrings to the nurse before she's allowed in. The visit is supervised. Mona asks "Would you like to play a game?" and begins shufflingHanna and Spencer spot Alison's father.Emily tells Nate a few things about Jenna. She mentions that she dated Garrett, but it doesn't seem to bother him.Ted and Ella talk, but she seems to be bothered by something.Hanna approaches Mr. DiLaurentis and says she's sorry for what she did, but swears she had nothing to do with what happened to her grave. He cuts her off and says a friend would never do what she did.When the nurse leaves to get medication Aria demands Mona tell her who is trying to hurt Hanna. Mona says only "it isn't me."Outside the hospital Aria tells Hanna that Mona wanted her to know she's sorry. She realizes that Hanna was about to sneak in and ends up joining her.Emily runs into Cece on the street. While they're talking Cece calls Jenna and pretends to be Nate's angry girlfriend who wants him left alone. Emily is confused.Ella goes back into the coffee shop looking for Emily. She tells the owner the date didn't go great and he gives her some pastry. He introduces him as Zack the owner and they agree to sit and talk.Hanna sneaks into Mona's room and tells her the only person who knows what's going on.Flashback to Hanna and Mona being accosted by a furious Mr. DiLaurentis, who said something about her pulling a stunt.Hanna tells Aria that she called Alison's mom and told her Alison was still alive, just days before Alison's body was found. The look up and Mona is gone, along with the keys.Cut to Spencer getting cutoff by Jason, who crashes into a parked car. He's drunk. She slides him over and says "this never happened," then drives them away.Hanna and Aria find Mona in the Children's Ward.Spencer asks Toby to give her a ride to her car. He wants answers and there is a knock at the door. It's Wilden, who has found her car. Toby covers for her, saying they've been together all night. Wilden says "we'll talk later" and leaves. Spencer tells Toby about Jason being drunk and makes him promise not to tell anybody.The girls find Mona combing a doll's hair. She starts muttering nonsense. Hanna begs her to tell her something, but alls she says is "No one to save Ali from evil."Ella calls Aria and tells her she's on a "second" date, telling her she couldn't deal with Ted eating ice cream the same way Byron does. She thinks Ted is the choice she would have made when she was younger, but now has other ideas.Emily spots Nate alone, seemingly having been stood up. She thinks about something, then keeps moving.Hanna tells the rest of the girls about the code she and Mona had when they were younger and thinks she was using it because Aria was there. The nonsense sentences send them to a website with Maya's picture, the phrase "What's the magic word?" and a space for a password.

Directed by Patrick R. Norris  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, more...

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