Save the Date

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2011

Synopsis Open with Spencer telling the girls about giving Garrett a bogus excuse after getting Aria's text. They are sitting outside Emily's house, as the family leasing the place is having issues with the security system. They spot Garrett pull up at Jenna's place. He goes inside and the girls see the two of them kissing.It's the day of a huge meet and Emily is still having pain in her side. The college scout will be there. She clutches her side and rubs some pain cream on the area. Tom comes downstairs and awkwardly explains staying the night. Ashley comes down and they see a piece of mail came for Hanna the other day. It's a Save the Date letter for Tom and Isabel's wedding in six weeks.Wren drops by Spencer place with flowers for Melissa. He tells her that he's been transferred to the hospital in town. She asks him about pathology, not mentioning that she's looking into Alison's murder weapon. It appears that he's interested in Spencer.Hanna spots a guy in a car watching Caleb engaging in one of his shady cell phone deals. She walks by the car and sees the man has what appears to be Caleb's police file. Hanna chases off Caleb's client.Garrett is at the school for driver's ed. He stops by to see Spencer and she brushes him off again. He looks suspicious.Mike and another boy almost get into a fight. Ella happens by and breaks it up. Mike walks away.Ezra drops by Aria's college ceramics class. He's acting romantic but she's giving him something of a cold shoulder. She tells him about Mike's history and Jason catching him the one time. He asks why she never told him about Mike. She says she was embarrassed and they agree to meet later. He pauses and asks if he should be worried about Jason. She says no, but neither of look convinced.Emily's dad shows up at school unexpectedly. He asks about the scout and she immediately starts to panic. After he walks away she grabs her stomach and falls to the floor in agony.Ben sits by Emily's bedside and we learn she has an ulcer. Swimming, he says, is "off the table." He makes reference to the fact that her scholarship offer won't be rescinded because of this an offers to call the scout. She says she'll take care of it.Spencer and Hanna stop by the hospital to visit. Caleb calls Hanna's phone and she doesn't pick up. She tells her about the undercover cop and not having told Caleb.Tom comes home to Ashley fingering the Save the Date. He offers to stick around and she says he should go home, that his staying isn't fair "to anybody." She says she needs to be with someone sure of what they want. He puts his key on the table and leaves.At the hospital Emily tells the girls she can't keep lying. The girls are dividing on what she should do but Emily says she's going to tell her parents the truth.Spencer searches the board for the pathologist as Wren walks up behind her thinking she's looking for Emily. They get in the elevator and she pretends not to know what Emily is up to.Garrett tells Jenna he thinks the girls know about them, based on how strange Spencer was asking. Jenna says "We need to take care of this."Wren pops into Emily's room and tells her that her tests revealed she has HGH in her system. She begs him not to tell her parents and he says he'll look into it.With the cop sitting nearby Hanna pulls up on the street and demands Caleb jump into his car.Spencer grabs Aria in the hallway. She's wearing a candy sriper uniform and has one for Aria.Ella asks Mike why he's been doing what he's been doing. She demands he tell her what's going on and he starts yelling about thing being "on your schedule" and references her leaving.Hanna takes Caleb to an unused home Spencer's family owns. She tells him about the cop and he definitely tells her he's not going to hide. Eventually they start to fool around.On the bottom of the lid on her glass Emily finds a message from A: "Hey Em: Some cream with your coffee?" In the food tray is the tube of pain medication she's been rubbing on her side the last few weeks.Emily tells Spencer and Aria that A gave her the HGH. She thinks A is winning and wants her dad to take her to Texas. Spencer is confident they are close to proving A was involved in Alison's death. Ben comes in and tells her he thinks the scholarship thing isn't worth it. He says he wants he to swim (or not) because she loves it and they'll find another way to find her tuition. He says they just want her to be happy and they hug.Spencer and Aria go to the morgue. Spencer finds Alison's autopsy file.Hanna comes home and Ashley tells her Tom went home. Hanna isn't happy that he left and thinks Tom doesn't love Isabel. Ashley thinks she's moved beyond Tom. She tells Hanna she doesn't want to be with Tom and Hanna storms out.The girls read that Alison was struck from behind. The blow came from a "curved, blunt edge" (hockey stick?) and she was hit hard enough to dent her skull. They also read that there was dirt in Alison's lungs, meaning she was buried alive.Hanna confronts Caleb's cop about "stalking" him and tells him to get lost.Spencer and Aria shows Emily the autopsy.Ezra shows up at the hospital and Aria meets him in the lobby. While they talk she gets a call from Jason. She says it's her dad and declines his offer to stop by later.The "undercover cop" Hanna told off is on the phone with someone, likely one of Caleb's parents. He says "I'm sorry, he doesn't want to see you."Caleb tells Hanna she should call her father as she watches a happy family longingly.Spencer notices a page is missing from the file.During the closing credits we see A was in the morgue earlier.

Directed by Chris Grismer  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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