I Must Confess

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2011

Synopsis Open with Emily lying in bed, clearly having trouble sleeping. She gets a text message and leaves. Hanna hears a car leave and calls Emily's phone. It rings right next to her.The girls try to figure out where Emily might have. She isn't at swim practice and she's left all of her clothes behind. We are shown images of Emily running through the woods. They see that the text she got was from A. It was a picture of Aria kissing Ezra and an offer that if Emily ratted Aria out to her mother A would leave her alone.We see Emily arrive at Dr. Sullivan's office and say she's ready to talk. She's surprised to see the other girls are already there.The girls tell Sullivan that somebody has been hurting them for a quite some time.Toby spots Jenna sitting in a car by herself. He then sees Garrett get into the car and kiss Jenna.The girls give Sullivan a basic timeline of A's activities, saying they're not sure who is behind the actions. They tell her she's the first person they've told.At school the next day the girls wonder if they should have told Sullivan about Jenna. Hanna is planning to give Kate some horse books as an apology. She's offering the olive branch because of well she's getting along with her father. Hanna's grandmother Regina shows up a few days early for a dinner.Byron and Ella argue over how best to treat Mike. Byron wants to be more aggressive. Aria shows up and her parents share with her what they've been arguing over.Regina hears her talk to her father about giving a toast with Kate at the dinner and wonders if she's going to do it. When Ashley comes home Regina thinks that Ashley should "fight for her man."Aria and Ella try to get Mike to come downstairs and eat. This leads to Ella trying to grab Mike's laptop away. They struggle and Ella hurts her wrist. Mike leaves the room and Ella tells Aria though tears that they can't tell Byron what happened.Toby wants to look into what Jenna is doing. He assures Spencer that no matter what happens with Jenna he's not going to let her break them up.Sullivan talks during a college fair assembly at school about bullying. The girls are worried it seemed too obvious she was talking about them. After the assembly Jenna makes a crack about needing a speech like that when Alison was still alive.At the dinner Kate and Hanna seem to make-up. Kate shows Hanna that she is in charge of babysitting her mom's dress. Kate suggests some vodka she has in her purse as a way for them to loosen up before the toast. Hanna goes for it.That same night Emily and Ashley end up hanging out together in the kitchen.Sullivan's cell phone rings. The person on the other end replays an audio recording from her session with the girls over and over again.Suillivan has the police (including Garrett) come to her office and reports thinking she's been bugged. Garrett asks who was in her office during the session that was taped. When she won't reveal names the officers say there isn't much they can do.Hanna and Kate keep drinking as they work on the speech. Kate raves about hot Caleb looks in her screen saver.Emily asks about Ashley's relationship with Regina, who is her ex's mother. They talk about Tom getting re-married and she says it took him coming back for her to realize the full situation. Emily jumps on her phone.Byron tells Aria not to be too unforgiving with her brother. Byron thinks Ella should get her wrist looked at.Emily meets Maya at a restaurant.While Spencer and Toby fool around in his truck they notice two figures in a window of Jason's house. Spencer assumes this must be Garrett and Jason conspiring and heads right for the front door. She is stunned when her father Peter walks out. Spencer gets in an argument with Peter when he won't tell her why he's there. Toby gets involved and Spencer and Toby end up leaving.We see Sullivan looking out the window. Someone is out there.Emily and Maya catch-up. Emily tells her about how much progress Pam has made. She apologizes for how she was when Maya lived in town. She's motivated to make plans for them. Maya doesn't want to move too quickly, but takes Emily's hand on the table.Mike confides in Aria that he's worried he's not going to be okay. He cries and she holds her brother.Kate and a clearly drunken Hanna go into the bathroom. Kate unzips her mother's dress, then tells Hanna how much better it would look on her. She leaves Hanna alone. Hanna hold the dress and begins spinning around in a circle. She falls on a chair and vomits all over the dress. Kate pops her head in and gives the scene a cold stare before leaving.Spencer comes home to find Peter waiting up for her. He tells her that after Alison's wealthy grandmother died it came out that she had recently written Jason out of the will. The DiLaurentis family paid Peter to adjust the will so that the both kids got an inheritance and Jason didn't look like a suspect. Spencer flashes back to Alison talking to Regina about what it would take for her to write a member of her family out of her will. Spencer thinks this means Alison too her southern trip to convince her grandmother to leave Jason out and this is why he then killed her. Spencer thinks they should tell the police, but Peter is worried about being disbarred. Spencer thinks the DiLaurentis family must have something on their family but Peter is done sharing.We see Sullivan going over her notes. Eventually she says to herself that she knows the identity of A.Tom is furious at Hanna for being drunk and ruining the dress. Hanna says both she and Kate were drinking but Tom says Kate seems fine and gave a perfectly wonderful toast while Hanna sat silent. Tom wants Hanna to leave and Regina has to console her granddaughter.Aria tells her family she'd tired of keeping secrets. She tells them Mike has broken into several homes. Mike comes downstairs.Regina opens Kate's purse and reveals that she had two bottles in her purse, one with water and one with vodka: Kate had been getting Hanna drunk while herself sticking to water. Hanna promises to Kate that she'll get her back. "We'll see," Kate says.Sullivan calls Emily to tell her she knows the identity of A and want all the girls to meet her at her office. When they arrive, however, Sullivan is nowhere to be found. They all get a text from A: "The doctor is out."During the closing credits we see A packing up all of Sullivan's files and removing a bug that was planted underneath a statue.

Directed by Norman Buckley  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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