A Dark Ali

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, USA, 2014, 44 min.

Synopsis We open at the police station with Tanner telling Mr. DiLaurentis that the man, Cyrus, has confessed to everything and his story matches Alison's. Alison tells her father she doesn't know if he was the guy who abducted her.Later the girls are incredulous that Alison didn't tell her father the truth. They assume A is behind this man coming forward and think they'll be able to follow Cyrus to A.Emily is chosen to make sure that Alison doesn't positively ID Cyrus. Spencer shows the girls Noel's pictures. She's planning to stash it at her place in a location nobody knows about.Emily tells Alison if she ID's Cyrus it'll be too easy for A to expose her as a liar. Alison's father walks into the room and starts convincing her it will be a good idea to try and keep Cyrus behind bars.Ella is an emotional wreck. She tells Aria she should have seen it coming. Aria offers to help her make arrangement to cancel the wedding.Hanna tells Caleb she's furious her life is in jeopardy because of Alison. She's planning to audition for a chorus solo in an attempt to create a more normal life.While she's on the phone with Emily, Spencer opens up her chair to stash Noel's stuff. She sees that someone's been in there and taken Alison's recording and the medical examiner's report. Melissa walks in and sees Spencer rooting around the room. Spencer's phone rings. It's the stolen recording. She then gets a text from A: "Check mate."Spencer tries to tell Hanna what's going on with things being stolen from her room. But Hanna isn't interested.Spencer shows Aria video of Melissa meeting with a man in her backyard three nights earlier. Melissa mouths "Do it." Spencer tells Aria she thinks they should go to Tanner with the truth, exposing Alison for being a liar. She thinks it'll be better if the police find out what happened from them.Aria tells Ezra what's going on with Alison and Cyrus. Ezra wants to talk to Alison, which Aria thinks is a terrible idea. She makes him promise not to speak with Alison.Alison tells Emily she knows Cyrus. The two of them lived together in an abandoned basement and Cyrus robbed her, giving her the scar she has on her leg. Emily emphasizes the ID'ing Cyrus is exactly what A wants and she has to let him go.Just before the audition Mona collapses in the chorus room.Emily tells Spencer she doesn't think Alison is going to ID Cyrus, but doesn't tell her exactly why. Emily thinks the problem is Melissa.Mona comes to after a minute. She panics when she can't find her bag and Hanna goes to get it for her. Inside it she sees a mug shot of Cyrus.Ezra meets with Alison in the coffee shop. Her father shows up and chases him off. Aria sees this.Hanna jumps into Mona's car outside the police station and confronts her about the Cyrus picture. Mona says she's trying to find out who set it up. Tanner, Alison and her father get into a car and Mona is able to hack Tanner's phone.Aria yells at Ezra for confronting Alison in public. He apologizes, saying he was only trying to help her.Spencer confronts Melissa about her looking at flights and helping Mona. Melissa said she helped Mona just to prove Alison hasn't changed. Melissa says she doesn't want Spencer too close to Alison when she "gets what she deserves." Melissa says she can't yet tell Spencer what she did. She doesn't think it's safe for either of them and wonder if Spencer should come with her.Tanner brings Alison to the place Cyrus says he held her. Alison has flashbacks, since this is where they stayed when he robbed her. Tanner says they don't have enough physical evidence to hold Cyrus. We flash to Alison bringing Cyrus down and introducing him to her friends. She catches him leaving with her bag. When she confronts him he cuts her before leaving with another girl. In present day Alison tells Tanner "I can never forget" the basement.Caleb calls Hanna while she's in the car with Mona. Mona hears her lie to him about the audition and who she is with. At this point Mona hears Tanner report in that Alison has ID'ed the location and they are to keep Cyrus in custody.Aria tells Ella about Ezra being in the hospital and being worried he wouldn't make it. But now she's struggling with the feelings she has and her inability to trust him. Aria doesn't think people change, but Ella tells that's not always true. Hanna sends Aria a text about Alison having ID'ed Cyrus.Emily is waiting for Alison at her place. Emily's furious because she's put all of them at risk. She reminds her how hard the past few years have been for the rest of them and thinks she'll throw them under the bus. Emily says she wasted too much time and storms off: "I'm done, Ali. I'm so done with you."Hanna tells Caleb that Cyrus managed to get away. The second the clock hit 48 hours he took off, just before Tanner reported Alison's ID. The couple seems to be in a good place.Spencer tells Aria about the conversation with Melissa. She still thinks they should go to Tanner. Emily walks in and tells them they shouldn't trust Alison. She wants them to cut ties with Alison ASAP.We see Cyrus meet with Alison in the woods. His confession was Alison's plan. She gives him a plane ticket and warns him that she'll find him again if he crosses her. He drives off in a car with a "bata bata" sticker on the back.The episode ends with Melissa filming a video confession for Spencer.

Directed by Arlene Sanford  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Lucy Hale, Ian Harding, more...

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