A Dangerous gAme

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Drama/Mystery/Romance/Thriller, 2013, 43 min.

Synopsis The scene starts with Aria, Emily, and Hanna in the Spencer's kitchen talking about Toby. Aria asks if they should talk to Spencer about him, Emily doesn't want to say anything that can possibly upset her and send her back to Radley, and Hanna mentions how the cops sent the body to the state coroner "for a reason" and that there's still "hope." Spencer overhears and walks down the stairs saying how hope "breeds eternal misery." She then adds that "we lost Toby a long time ago, we just didn't know it." The kitchen is filled with elaborate food and tea and after Spencer distinguishes the difference between english muffins and crumpets to Hanna, things get more serious. The girls ask Spenc if she's really okay and Spencer asks Emily to recall the night at the lighthouse and how Emily made a choice, "either him or you." "I wasn't as strong as you were. When i saw Toby in the woods...I just gave up." Emily asks what changed when Spenc came out of the woods. Spencer replies back that she decided she "didn't want to be a victim anymore. " She then explains that her parents are throwing her a coming-home party to assure everybody that she's okay and hands the girls the invitations. She pleads the girls to come for moral support. "Yeah, you know we'd do anything for you" says Aria. "I'm counting on that" says Spencer while looking guilty with her back turned at them.We see a hooded figure in the creepy "A" van on a laptop decrypting a password and transferring some phone numbers to their phone. Mona walks in and the hooded figure exits out of the files and goes back to organizing something related to the Thornhill Landing Strip and The Lodge at Thornhill where Spencer's party is going to take place. Mona grabs Spencer's invitation from the counter, sits down, and tells the person that she likes their plan and that he/she will get their reward on Friday, adding: "those bitches are finally going to get what they deserve."The girls are at school talking about the Malcolm kidnapping incident while looking at Mona through a window. Hanna insists that they show him a picture of Mona, but Spencer doesn't think it was her, adding that "it seems like a bold move for Mona" and "risk being seen like that" is "desparate, like she is trying to get caught." Aria tells them Malcolm is "off limits."The girls run into Shauna, whose school practiced that morning at Rosewood. Her team has a meet coming up. Shauna then turns to Spencer and says "I don't think we've met." Emily introduces them and after the girls walk away Hanna adds that she hates her. "Why?" asks Spencer. "Because she flirts with everyone but me..." Emily then adds "wherever she goes, trouble follows."Ezra is at the school for an interview. He tells Aria he doesn't think it will work out. Aria responds "Oh. I"m sorry" and she walks away leaving Ezra upset.The camera turns to first person view as one of the hooded figures. We see Jenna in Toby's house on the phone talking to someone. "You said you would make it all go away..." and then she starts talking about police evidence and demands to see the person on the other line "today." The hooded figure watches her through the side front door window and sends a text from A asking her to meet at a certain location that night at 9. Jenna gets the text and hangs up on the person. She then peaks out of the window but the hooded figure is gone.Byron is upset that Ezra is trying to get a job at the high school, especially if they're still seeing each other. Aria reassures him that he's not taking the job but Byron tells Aria that Ezra got offered the job "that morning" and was given one day to think it over. Aria is upset.Hanna meets with Ezra about an ad he put up looking for a babysitter. He offers her a test run that night during an appointment.Jenna meets with someone, telling them "I've missed you ". "They'll all be together this Friday" and that "you know what you need to do." We see that it's Shauna, who asks about Jenna's eyes. Jenna responds that she has good days and bad days. She then reassures Jenna she'll always be there for her.Aria meets Ezra on a bench in public. She asks Ezra why he didn't tell her about the job. Ezra didn't want to burden her about the decision. Aria starts crying and tells Ezra that nothing about their relationship "feels right anymore." Ezra wants "to fix" it. She tells him "it shouldn't be this hard." She doesn't think they'll ever get back what they had before Malcolm. Ezra just wants her to be happy. Aria replies that she loves him and thats why she wants him to take the job. Just as Aria leaves, Ezra grabs her hand and says "I love you." They tearfully part ways.It is the time of Jenna's meeting and a hooded figure sits in a booth at a diner. The door opens and it's ... Toby! He tells the person that "Hanna got the job." The person in the hood says "I know" and we see that it's Spencer. He's surprised to see her and she says she needed to confirm for herself that he was really alive. She's furious that Toby let her believe he was dead after she asked if he was part of the scheme with Mona. "Mona told me after" says Toby. He watches Spencer breaking down and tells her that everything he's done was to protect her. Toby asks "Does Mona know you're here?" "No" replies Spencer. "She told me that you would be there Friday" and it turns out that Spencer was the hooded figure from the opening scene and that Mona told her Toby would be her reward for "delivering the girls."She tells him how she kidnapped a 7 year old and broke up Ezra and Aria and that is how she earned Mona's trust. Toby is concerned for Spencer's safety and Spenc replies that she stopped worrying about her "a long time ago." Toby says he's been pretending to work with Mona to keep her safe, adding that "what we had was real." He asks her to follow him out of the diner.Hanna is babysitting Malcolm. She insists that they stop watching TV because "it rots your brain." She then plays "Guess Who" with Malcolm, and shows him pictures of different people on her phone. He doesn't recognize any of the people that she thinks might have kidnapped him and claimed that they were Aria's mystery friend "Alison." Hanna lets Malcolm play a game on her phone and she decides to call Emily on the landline and tells her that she "struck out."Emily is out for a jog when Hanna called her. She spots Melissa walking into Toby's house and approaches the house to investigate. She sees Melissa arguing with Jenna while Shauna watches. Jenna reassures her that she understands but Melissa replies that "...those bitches are going to be at the lodge at 9, do you understand?!" Emily watches as Melissa hands Shauna Spencer's party invitation and Emily is shocked.Toby takes Spencer to a motel where he's staying at. He says the only thing he knows about Redcoat is that "she's in charge." Spencer says that she understands why Toby's helping Mona and that she "made the same decision." But she can't get past the fact that he let her hurt for so long and implied that she would have never done that to him. Toby gets emotional and starts crying. Spencer comforts him and they start to kiss.While Hanna sets up dinner for Malcolm, someone sends a text on Hanna's phone and Malcolm yells at from across the room that "Alison's right here! She's in this picture!" Hanna states that she doesn't remember that (picture) on her phone and Malcolm explains that "it just popped up." Its a picture of Alison and Spencer. Hanna argues it couldn't be Alison and was just about to tell him that she was dead when Malcolm stated the he remembers her "pretty hair" and adds that its the girl with the "blue shirt." Hanna is shocked when she realizes that Spencer is "the girl in the blue shirt."Hanna and Emily share their bombshells about Spencer and Melissa with Aria. Aria freaks out that "this is crazier than crazy" and that "Radley is looking better everyday" and that she's ready to check in. Emily tries to reassure her but Aria throws a tantrum and states that Emily should get ready to lose Paige because she'll "be next." They toss around possibilities for why Spencer might have joined Mona. Emily discusses that "there is a way to see if Spencer is still with us..." and starts to discuss the plan. It appears that someone is watching them through the window and Hanna turns on loud music so no one would overhear them.Spencer and Toby have sex.Ezra tells Aria he took the job at Rosewood. Aria asks Ezra to recall what he told her at Ali's funeral. "You were right. There was never a happy ending for us." He tries to reassure her that she graduates in seven months but she argues that they both need to move on. Aria kisses him on the cheek but Ezra grabs her and passionately kisses her on the lips. Aria then walks away sad but determined that she made the right decision.Spencer arrives at school during the swim meet. She spots someone in a red hooded jacket and follows the person into the ladies room. It's Hanna. The girls were testing to see if Spencer knew the identity of Redcoat. "If you don't know who she is, that means your still one of us." They ask her to tell them the truth. She tells them Mona organized the Toby thing in order to break her and put her back together "like her own Humpty Dumpty." She tells them Toby is still alive and that Mona is the only person who knows Redcoat. The girls rejoice upon hearing that Toby's still alive but they still have to deal with the party. Spencer tells them her party is a set-up and that she was the one who sent the picture of her and Ali to Hanna because Mona watches her every move. It seems that for the first time they will be one step ahead of Redcoat.Ezra subs for a class the girls are in and the room if full of tension and awkwardness as the girls all look at Aria.It's the night of the party. The girls are all dressed up and prepare to leave. Someone is watching them through a window and records them leaving.Spencer is with Mona and Toby inside the Lodge. Shes all dressed up and tells Mona the girls are running late. "How late?" Mona asks. Spencer kisses Toby and Mona gets annoyed. Mona warns Spencer that Redcoat is dangerous. Toby tells Mona that he has "the video you asked for" and that the girls won't expect anything.Meanwhile, the girls ditched their dresses, put on more comfortable clothes, and approach the lodge from the outside. They don't seem confident about the plan and Emily states that Spencer trusts Toby and that they don't really have a choice.Mona is on the phone with Redcoat, who apparently is in a small plane. Mona tells the person "its all according to plan" and that it is safe for them to land. "Its finally about to end. You're getting what you've always wanted." Mona turns to Spencer and tells her that Redcoat doesn't know (that the girls) aren't here yet. Just when Mona says this, we see the girls sneak into the 2nd story of the lodge. Mona commands that "we go for a walk." I'll take it from here." says Toby. Spencer acts shocked and Mona tells Spencer that "it sucks to be lied to." Toby acts cruel and drags Spencer out of the lodge. The girls watch from upstairs. Mona tells Toby to take Spencer outside. Toby jerks Spencer up and she looks stunned: "You lied to me!"Outside we see Toby and Spencer's act is still part of the plan. "If something goes wrong, you know what you need to do" says Toby.Someone locks the lodge door from the outside.Mona puts on her hooded sweatshirt and finds herself face-to-face with the other three girls. Mona tells them they're making a "terrible mistake." She yells that the girls have no idea what is going on but Aria adds that they "know enough."Just as the plane approaches the landing strip, so does Spencer and Toby. From a distance, we see a someone carrying a flashlight. Toby rushes off to find out who the mystery person is and tells Spencer to get to the plane. The plan is for her to see Redcoat but not to be seen herself.Somebody lights up one of Spencer's invitations and throws it on a trail of gasoline leading to the lodge that ignites the house with Mona, Emily, Hanna and Aria still inside. The girls can't seem to get a cell phone signal and Aria yells at Mona about how she doesn't have a signal when they saw her call Redcoat earlier. "Its her, don't you get it?! She can do anything! She's everywhere and she's nowhere." screams Mona. Smoke begins to fill the house. Mona yells that they're all going to die and says now she'll never find out who Redcoat is.The girls are devastated and appalled by this because they thought Mona knew.Spencer sees Redcoat getting off the plane. "Ali?" whispers Spencer when she tries to make out the girl's face. She follows her through the woods. Toby is still following the unknown person with the flashlight. As he gets closer, we can see that it's a brunette with long hair. Just as she turns around, someone sneaks up from behind Toby and knocks him out before he can see her face. A lighter is thrown next to Toby's unconscious body.The three girls wake up woozily outside the burning building. Hanna wakes up and briefly seems to see Alison in the red coat. Mona walks over and says Alison pulled them all out of the building. "She was here, I swear it." Hanna adds that she saw her too. Spencer arrives and confirms she saw Alison as well. "Ali is Redcoat!" says Spencer.Toby wakes up and sees the lighter. He picks it up and as he examines it, he sees a compass design on it. He looks around but there is no one in sight. Whether or not it fell out of his pocket when he fell or if someone planted it seems unclear.The girls drive away from the scene and question Mona. "So all of this started when you were in Radley?" asks Spencer. "I made a deal with the Devil" and "she gave me a way out" says Mona. "At first it was fun" but then things got intense and that "she stole you from me." Emily grills Mona about the night Alison's body went missing. Mona states that she was at the cemetery with Redcoat but claims that she didn't drug Emily and doesn't know who did. Redcoat was wearing a mask but Mona thought she looked "just like Alison." Aria then adds maybe it wasn't Ali that the girls saw tonight, but thought it was because of the mask. They come across Wilden's cruiser, with the dashboard video playing inside. As they watch the scene of Hanna's mom hitting Wilden, the scene continues and we see Jenna and Shauna arrive to help Wilden up onto his feet. Spencer mentions the trunk just as all of their phones buzz with a text from A: "You're mine now. Kisses. -A" The four of them open the trunk and gasp.

Directed by Patrick R. Norris  

Starring Troian Avery Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Tyler Blackburn, Holly Marie Combs, Lucy Hale, more...

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