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Directed by
Wayne Yip

Sam Catlin
Steve Dillon
Garth Ennis
Evan Goldberg
Seth Rogen

Produced by
Sam Catlin
Evan Goldberg
Seth Rogen
W. Mark McNair

John Grillo

Andrea Andrade Reporter
Malcolm Barrett
Grayson Berry Reporter #3
Mandell Butler Reporter #4
Sheenan Cole Bartender
Ian Colletti Arseface
Dominic Cooper Jesse Custer
Jason Edwards Cashier
Julie Ann Emery
Cailey Fleming Susie
Sharon Garrison Mother Superior
Joseph Gilgun Cassidy
Katia Gomez Down on Her Luck Mother
Ronald Guttman
Graham McTavish The Cowboy
Taylor Ashley Murphy Young Nun
Ruth Negga Tulip O'Hare
Julie P. Oliver-Touchstone
Justin Prentice
Nathan O'Neil Smith Serious Looking Man
Noah Taylor
Pip Torrens

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