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Comedy, USA, 2011, 22 min.

Synopsis I want to let the writers of this show that you all are fucking out of whack. Get rid of this show because its a piece of shit. You don't live here you don't know the real people here and you must have been drunk when you were here or some fucking country fuck from texas told you some bad info. I think you upscale idiots need to fucking come live here on a wage less than the network wage. Why don't you try it for real? Then once you have done it for say 7 years....then make fun of Portland. Fucking lame ass punk ass bitches. At least I don't bleach my ass hair and die from being a turd. I have real on my side. What do you have? A big garbage can you call NEW YORK. Fuck you. You are no better than a turd. Fred amisten is a fag. and rachel dratch can take a donkeys penis whole. in any whole. thanks for ruining Portland. I hope you all fucking die!

Directed by Daniel Gray Longino, Steve Buscemi, Jonathan Krisel  

Starring Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Kyle MacLachlan, Kumail Nanjiani, Chloë Sevigny, more...

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