Two Weddings and a Funeral

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2000

Synopsis In the first season series finale, Mary and Nicole hand out Yearbooks, talking about sweeps complaining about how shows always go for the big finales like natural disasters, weddings, deaths of characters, when Lily comes up wanting her money back for the Mary and Nicole oriented school annual. In class Ms. Glass asks Harrison to sign her yearbook, as she hands out their final grades, giving Brooke and A and everyone else a D. Harrison discovers that their pictures are missing from her yearbook, which she has faxed to several popular skip day hot spots forcing them to spend their last day of school at school. In the locker room Sugar complains about what Ms. Glass has done as Harrison discovers what Ms. Glass has wrote in his yearbook, a suggestive note. Ms. Glass comes into the locker room to get her pen back making a pass at him. Josh wants to get back with Brooke talking to Sugar in the episodes first Sweeps Stunt Pretty Boy Nude Shot. Mr. Crups and Ms. Glass laugh about how she ruined their skip day as the gangs sit in the cafeteria. Mr. Crups makes his announcements, recapping the year and looking forward, and praying for May Tuna who is waiting for a heart donor. Sweeps stunt gratuitous lip synced musical number, about getting revenge on Ms. Glass and the coming wedding. Their prank coming together, they will give her a case of diarrhea by slipping ecoli into her smoothie. Harrison gives Ms. Glass the tainted drink which she doesn't fall for, every year she is presented with a tainted shake, having already changed their grades to solid F's. The only thing standing after the Apocalypse will be her, Cher and the cock roaches as she collapses. Meanwhile in the locker room shower Josh tries to figure out what to write in Brooke's yearbook. After trying to revive Ms. Glass, by Harrison giving her mouth to mouth and Nicole jabbing a pen in her neck for an emergency tracheotomy, Lily finds her journal which has; those who can't do teach; written over and over again. Nurse Jesse walks in blaming them for her death. Back in the showers Josh still tries to write his message in Brooke's yearbook. The gang all freak out trying to figure out what they are going to do, finding Nurse Jesse's actions very suspicious as she wheels out her sister. While reading Ms. Glass's haiku's she discovers that Bobbi's sister hated her fearing she wanted her dead. Back at the Glass sisters house Jesse enjoys her triumph over her sister, revealing Bobbi is still alive, but unable to move or speak, leaving her to her hungry cats. Lily, Mary and Nicole watch as one of the cat's bites off Ms. Glass's finger. Meanwhile Brooke talks with Sam as they set up for the rehearsal dinner, Brooke still wondering where Sam went. Nicole, Lily and Mary come in with Ms. Glass having rescued her from the cats when Sweeps Stunt Natural Disaster, and earthquake. They continue the rehearsal dinner with broken dishes and Ms. Glass strapped to a gurney. Mike gives a moving toast as they all dig in to eat, Jane asking Ms. Glass if she is hungry when she expels some gas. Jesse arrives to take her sister back. Josh is still trying to figure out what write Brooke, when the rest of the kids comes into the washroom to figure out what to do. Mary Cherry remembers seeing someone suspicious at the Glass house, a witch doctor. They all head back to the house calling up getting a message that tells where Jesse has taken her sister's body, to a crematorium. They are too late to save Ms Glass watching a skeleton burn, its 9 people's words against one, if they all stick together. its the day of the wedding as the girls all get dressed, Mary coming in, in a flamboyant wedding gown. The Preist is Godfry, former Mr. Clucks manager, among other jobs. Jesse arrives at the church to find her sister, her not being the one cremated, when May gets a call that they have found a donor for her, Jesse realizing her sister was an organ donor. Carmen is missing, but they have no time to find her, who wants to make a confession to the Priest. Outside we see Cherry Cherry in her bright pink wedding gown as Jane comes out in her traditional light pink wedding dress as Mike walks and talks with Eric both being nervous, Eric feeling like someone is ripping out his liver...meanwhile at the hospital Ms. Glass's organs are being removed discovering she has no heart. The kids are too late to save Ms. Glass as Jesse enjoys the fact that her dream will come true, her sister will be buried alive. Jesse has sent her sister's body to the one place she knows they will not disrupt...the church where the weddings are about to take place. Carmen is still in the confessional which the priest is getting impatient having to preform the wedding when Carmen finally tells him she is pregnant not knowing what to do. Josh finally gives Brooke back her yearbook having wrote, dear Brooke see you next fall, love Josh. Sweeps stunts TV Couple Reunion. Harrison finds out that the romantic note was not written by Ms. Glass but Nicole. Mary and Nicole have to figure out how to get the antidote into Ms Glass...Sweeps Stunt Wedding...Apperance by Cheesy Boy Band (Josh, Harrison and Sugar) As they walk down the isle Mary has gotten a couple midgets to administer the antidote to Ms. Glass, with Sam and Brooke coming down the isle followed by the blushing Brides. The Priest opens up with announcing them husband and wife, being new at it, he then asks if anyone has an objection to the two of them getting married when Brooke's birth mother stands up announcing her and Mike are not divorced much to the shock of everyone. The winner of the who should be killed off contest is revealed that had run during the show, as May Tuna collapses being the WINNER!!

Directed by Lev L. Spiro  

Starring Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Tamara Mell, Christopher Gorham, Sara Rue, more...

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