Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 1999

Synopsis Previously on the second episode Carmen ditches school the day after the cheer-leading roster is posted, and is no where to be found. Nicole and Brooke deal with the backlash from their fellow classmates. In a rare occurrence in the series, we get to see the inside of the teachers lounge as they gossip about the students. The Drama teacher and Football Coach butt heads about Josh joining the school musical which also causes Sugar Daddy to confront Josh about it upset that he didn't tell him. In the wake of Carmen's disappearance and bravery to try out for the Cheerleading squad Lily decides to stand up for her beliefs choosing to oppose Ms. Glass refusing to dissect a frog. While editing Sam's interviews Harrison has her watch Carmen's, a revealing look as to why she wants to be a cheerleader so much stemming from her childhood. Mr. Grant reviews the interviews with Sam wanting her to go back to Brooke assuming she is going to her and Nicole's party. After having her books knocked out of her hands by another angry student Sam helps her pick them up offering to help her study for Chemistry class getting an invite to Brooke's party. To add to everything she is going through, Josh also puts Brooke down making her feel even worse as Harrison also points out to Sam that she has abandoned everything she believes in putting her in her place as well. Brooke unknowingly finds Carmen at a diner approaching her discovering that the two have much more in common then they think. The big party night comes, but isn't much fun for Brooke who is upset that Josh is a no show. Lily comes across Carmen at the beach near the airport, telling her how they all missed her at school and how she took the 5th on the frog, Carmen being her inspiration. After Harrison blasts Sam she takes the initiative asking Mr. Grant to dinner to go over her questions for the interview and getting her nose pierced. Sam discovers that Mr. Grant is already involved feeling like a fool. Sam apologizes to her friends for the way she had been acting getting their forgiveness when she figures out that their group and her group are the same trying to make it through the day without being figured out. The "wannabe" group decides to confront Brooke and her "popular" crew at their party having it out with each other, when Brooke's dad and Sam's mother walk in as the two girls discover that their parents are now engaged, merging the parental units.

Directed by Michael M. Robin  

Starring Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Tamara Mell, Christopher Gorham, Sara Rue, more...

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