Hope in a Jar

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2000

Synopsis It's the dating game and time for Kennedy High's Sadie Hawkins dance. Brooke wonders if she's been going for flowery bloom-age, Sam and Carmen wonder if Josh would be interested in them, as Harrison calculates his odds at being asked to the dance, all of them hating their bodies, as is the theme for this episode. Sugar weights the guys in for the wresting team telling Josh of his weight loss plan. Harrison looks himself over in the mirror of the locker room looking over at Josh wishing he could look like him. During class the students teacher explains what a real G.I.Joe would look like, having shoulders the size of a refrigerator, and a real Barbie would topple over, giving the students a lesson on finding beauty. April tries to snag Harrison, which Sam saves him from her telling April she had already asked him to the dance. Nicole, Mary and Poppy all admire Stonecold, coming up with a contest, whoever looses the most weight by Friday gets to ask Stonecold to the dance. Josh hopes to get Brooke to ask him to the dance, which she is quick to reject him, reminding him that they have broken up. Carmen fumbles over her words as she tries to talk to Josh. Nicole, Mary and Poppy discover Mr. Calory a talking weight scale making the Novac their battle headquarters. Brooke runs into Harrison outside of the high school, after talking to him she asks Harrison to the dance, which he gladly accepts. The next day Harrison tries to tell Sam that he is going with Brooke, unable to do so but telling Emory that he has. Lily weighs the students advising them on their healthy weight, condemning the Glamazon's symbol. Nicole challenges Lily, that if she goes to the dance with Emory Dick she will change the Glamazon logo to the tragically dumpy proportions of the average woman. But if she can make over April Tuna proving beauty is on the outside then the Glamazon logo stays the way it is. Sam advises Carmen on how to ask Josh to the dance, who in the meantime is trying to loose weight and get back in shape. While talking with Harrison Emory lets it slip that he is going to the dance with Brooke, angering Josh who leaves him to the mercy of a bar bell. Harrison finds Brooke to find out why she asked him to the dance when Sam comes along finding out that Harrison has also agreed to of to the dance with Brooke. Things only get worse when Josh comes along getting Sam to ask him to the dance. The battle continues at home when Sam and Brooke have it out, when Brooke suggests they all go together to see who has more in common with whom. Poppy, Mary and Nicole through themselves at Stonecold who is well aware of their bet. While Carmen and Lily are studying Carmen tells Lily that she is planing to go stag figuring Josh will show up dateless then she will make her move when Lily informs her that Sam had asked Josh upsetting Carmen. She confronts Sam who tells Carmen that she is kinda glad she is going with Josh cause he makes her feel pretty. Carmen and Sam sit down on the steps saying what they hate about their bodies. Nicole, Poppy and Mary try to make over April Tuna, who Mary calls the black hole of beauty. Nicole is determined to make her over and not lose to Lily, as Harrison, Josh, and Sam try to improve themselves. The night of the dance tensions run high between Josh and Harrison, while Lily feels embarrassed about Emory who is enjoying himself in the limo hot tub. Josh calls Harrison out, the two are in no condition to fight so upon returning to the limo Josh says the Harrison popped him in the jaw, with Brooke finds interesting since she hates violence. Its the big weigh in as Nicole, Poppy and Mary find out who has lost the most weight, Mr. Calory telling the heifers their results are same. Mary Cherry has one last resort, a laxative so powerful it is outlawed. The girls unveil "Franken-Tuna" at the dance, who has been made over and feels pretty. Sam has a breast malfunction at the dance running off embarrassed, Brooke finds out that Harrison worked out to impress her. Much to Nicole, Mary and Poppy's dismay, Stonecold chose April who was the first to see his soul. Carmen finally gets enough courage to ask Josh to dance, who passes out. Emory gets upset feeling hurt being Lily's political stance. Nicole, Mary and Poppy take revenge out on Mr. Calory, using the sledge hammer that Mary carries in her purse to demolish the scale. Principal Hall gives the gang a lesson in humility, wondering if they really think all the things they do really make them more attractive to the opposite sex. She tells the students of how she found love after loosing her sight to diabetes. Carmen finally gets her dance with Josh much to her joy, Lily and Nicole come to a bargain for the logo both losing out on their bet, a 135 lbs C cup image of a woman. They all learn their lesson that its just not whats on the outside that matters, its whats on the inside.

Directed by David Petrarca  

Starring Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Tamara Mell, Christopher Gorham, Sara Rue, more...

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