Ex, Lies and Videotape

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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2000

Synopsis Carmen makes her debut as a Glamazon, something that she has been striving for since the beginning of the school year, appropriately dancing to Madonna's Shining Star. Opening night of the school play looms over Josh who doesn't want to tell his dad about the play. Over breakfast his father tells him that he is coming to Friday's recruitment dinner, something he doesn't want to attend. Sam is summoned to the principal's office leaving her to April Tuna who is developing a scary stalker syndrome. Sam is introduced to Jamie Gunn, the producer of Enterteenment Today, who was impressed with Sam enough to get a segment on her show. Sam is over joyed, until Brooke comes in, who is also asked to be the on air interviewer. As Brooke frets over her new found stardom, when Nicole reveals what Brooke's career match up test result was for a Rodeo Clown. The girls get a good laugh out of it until Mary Cherry reveals her's was for a serial killer. Lily makes plans to go take her DMV test with Carmen, when April arrives to get Carmen to sign a poster of herself to sell on her website. Sam and Brooke brainstorm idea's with their producer who is a bit off her rocker. She shoots down Sam's in depth interview idea's when Brooke makes a suggestion about interviewing a teen star. Sam gives her own twist to the idea, taking a stab a Brooke, suggesting they interview their own star right at Kennedy High, their star quarterback, star of the school play and all around popular guy, Josh Ford. Harrison is forced to run interference between the two as the squabble and argue. Carmen spends lunch with the cheerleaders when Mary comes along informing the girls that she has landed a stylist to do their photo's, inviting Carmen along with them. Sam tries to get Josh to do the interview who is reluctant to do it until Sam tells that Brooke is the one doing the interview, changing his mind. The wait for Brooke to arrive to do the interview, who has spent too much time trying to pick out an outfit missing their opportunity to interview him when the drama teacher pulls him away. This angers Sam, who fires Brooke, who decides to quit instead, firing Sam as she does. Josh tells his father about the documentary that Sam and Brooke are doing, telling him the main reason they want to do the interview with him is because he is doing the school play, making his father mad at him, who told him to quit the team mad that Josh has been lying to him. Josh's mother supports him, telling him to do the play if he wants. Brooke and Sam are still at odds, still attempting to work together to get the interview done. April Tuna continues her obsession with Carmen purchases Carmen's panties from Mary Cherry. As Brooke tries to interview Josh, he opens up to her telling her about the problems he is having at home, giving them some great incite into this up and coming star. Lily heads to the DMV on her own, taking a horrible picture, wanting to take another but being refused by the man who use to be her old manager at Mr. Clucks, that she got fired. Lily brushes off Carmen as she arrives with Mary, Nicole and Poppy and their personal stylist. April pops up with a "Go Carmen" sign outside the DMV, beginning to freak her out. Poppy is up first taking her test in Mary's Hummer, driving like a stunt driver. Mary is next with the obstacle course traversing it like a pro breaking before she hits her friends. Nicole "accidently" drops the keys bending over to give the instructor a good view down her top to pass her test. Carmen is distracted during her driving test hitting April Tuna who is video taping her test. Sam and Brooke decide to go to Josh's home to interview his mother, angering Josh who never gave them his permission to invade his privacy, feeling used. In a fit of rage he decides to quit the play and the interview. The night of the play, Carmen decides she needs to talk with April about her stalker obsession. Brooke, Sam and Harrison panic afraid Josh isn't showing, who arrives in time deciding to go on after realizing he wanted to do the play for himself. As Josh is about to go on his father arrives much to his joy, until he goes out to perform his solo, resulting in his dad walking out. As soon as the curtain falls Josh rushes out to tell his dad off, finally facing up to him, who wishes he could be more like his brother's. Josh informs his father that his brother's hate him, not wanting to be like them and hate his father. Harrison gets it all on tape as the drama unfolds, Josh's mother standing by her son's side. Sam and Brooke finally have put their differences aside to complete the interview segment for Enterteenment Tonight, but not what they originally set out to do. They tape a video message instead, the story on Josh turning out really good, but however they both felt uncomfortable realizing they were bad friends and used a friend. Fame is ultimately about corruption, and erased the tape, so they can sleep better at night, at least Sam, when Brooke reveals she snores keeping her up making Sam reveal that Brooke talks in her sleep, these lurid fantasies that would straighten the curls out of your hair before signing off.

Directed by Arvin Brown  

Starring Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Tamara Mell, Christopher Gorham, Sara Rue, more...

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