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Comedy/Drama, USA, 2001

Synopsis Brooke accidentally spends the night at Jamie's involving Sam in web of lies that quickly unravels. Nicole sets out to prove that her power is not based on her looks, and that she is not a teen mantis to get herself back on the Glamazon squad. Her intricate plan involves April Tuna, the current student-body president, who must cut and extracurricular activity, which April is having a hard time with. Nicole overhears this and quickly a her plan begins to form. Josh and Harrison need an extracurricular activity for their college applications deciding to join Emery Dick's John Travolta club, which they believe April won't cut being Emery's girlfriend. Nicole quickly reigns in April using lies to manipulate her. Brooke has to suffer the consequences of her own pack of lies getting grounded and having to tell Jamie she can no longer see him. Brooke continues to defy her father and sneaks out to see Jamie. Nicole's manipulation of April makes her the new V.P. and begins her rise back to power. She forms a new Pep Squad called Bring It along with April Tuna to replace the Glamazon's convincing Brooke to skip the game. April reveals her secret to Nicole, a risqué video tape she made with Emery that could be very damaging to her presidency. April convinces Lily to compete for the President of the Travolta Club with all the other clubs being run by men. Nicole enacts her last bit of trickery by telling Emery that April is planning to cut her club, getting Emery to threaten April that he'll release their video tape of "Raw Tuna". Now that Nicole has put all her ducks in a row everything begins to fall into place. In an attempt to stop Nicole, Gus goes to Mary and Carmen to help him overthrow April and Nicole who so cruelly ousted him. In a meeting with Principal Crups April is relieved of her Presidential duties when he is given a dubbed over tape of "Raw Tuna" sending her to Junival Hall. With April now out of the way Nicole is made President of the Student Body getting all her power back and then some. With her new found power Nicole declares Josh the winner of the dance off. When Mary and Carmen try to expose Nicole and her misuse of funds she has already gotten to Gus making him VP and having them both suspended. Her axe comes down on both the Travolta Club and the Glamazons. In her visit to April Tuna Nicole reveals that it was her that put April where she is, she did it, she stole April's little tape and got it to Crups, she orchestrated the fall of the Glamazons, she got all her power back, and then some and all without using sex. Asking April if she is familiar with the classic 1974 Elton John title "The Bitch is Back".

Directed by Jamie Babbit  

Starring Leslie Bibb, Carly Pope, Tamara Mell, Christopher Gorham, Sara Rue, more...

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